Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Vegas Baby!!

Tomorrow morning I leave Tampa

And arrive in Las Vegas where I will be staying here.
I am hoping my room looks like this (that is what it looked like the last time I went)

I may even get some time to go here.

I am sure I will see this guy too.

No, not that guy standing in front, the other one. (This is the lobby of Ceasars)

But most of my time will be spent doing this.

No, I won't be wearing the Gi. That is me in the suit. I will be doing alot of this all weekend.

A couple of months ago we were planning for Shay to fly down to meet me for the weekend but that is not going to happen now. She wants to save all of her leave time so she can take 2 weeks in June when she comes to Florida.
I definately won't have time to blog while I am there. Not that I have been blogging much and I have been home (LOL).
I will post when I return to tell you about my trip.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Let me introduce you

Bindi. She is my 2 year old French Bulldog that I bred.And this is Simon.
Together (and with help from the owners) they created this.

The vet says she sees at least 3 puppies. Says there could be more but she did see 3.
They are due on May 3/4. But we have an appointment for May 2nd (Saturday) and if her hormones support it they may be born on that day. That way I won't have to call her in on a Sunday.
There is nothing cuter than a litter of French Bulldog puppies. I will keep you posted.
And sorry for not posting that often. Life is very busy.