Monday, May 10, 2010

Email from a dear friend

I received this email from a very dear friend yesterday. And with her permission I am posting it here. Please feel free to copy and paste and get the word out there.

Losing our son has been devastating. Losing our son to suicide has been heartbreaking.

We can't bring him back. Nothing we can say or do will change what has happened.

No matter how hard we pray, our son is still gone.

The ONLY thing that we can do is honor his memory and help raise awareness about this tragedy.

In the hopes of preventing any other family from having to deal with this nightmare, we have decided to join the OUT OF THE DARKNESS OVERNIGHT/BOSTON as a way to honor CJ.

"The Out of the Darkness Overnight is an 18-mile journey through the night, from dusk until dawn. It's a unique opportunity to bring the issues of depression and suicide into the light as we walk together to turn heartbreak into hope for tomorrow.

Join us on June 26-27, 2010 as thousands of Walkers like you come together in Boston, Massachusetts - a city rich with history and filled with the energy that we know will fuel our quest for awareness and prevention.

A suicide attempt happens every minute of everyday. Don’t let another minute go by. Register today and help continue the work of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention – work that will truly save lives."

In order to walk, both John and I have to raise $1000 each and Connor needs to raise $700. If we don't meet our individual goals, we can NOT walk as a family. We DESPERATELY want to do this together.

Which means we need your help.

Both John and I have fundraising pages set up already and Connor's will be posted in the next day or two.

Please consider making a donation in order to help us help others. If you choose to help, you can simply split the amount you would like to donate amongst all three of our sites. That way, we can each meet our goal.

The Overnight Walk

If you see my page hit the $1000 total first, please consider just donating to John and Connor. There are fundraising thermometers posted on each page so you can easily tell how much more we each need.

PLEASE help us.

We CAN'T let this happen to others.

We just can't.

Thank you for any help you can give us.

Hallie, John and Connor Twomey

If you can help, please do so. Thanks