Sunday, March 22, 2009

I really HATE to tell you this, but.......

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet Hallie and John. We met at Wolfgang Pucks (BK had given John a gift card for his birthday). Hallie texted to tell me they were waiting outside at Bongo's. I am sure they were enjoying a nice beverage. Then she texted to tell me they were now in front of Wolfgangs because the sun had moved (damn sun). I was still driving on I4 almost to my exit so being the safe driver that I am, I texted back that I was on my way and then that I was parking. Of course my luck, I parked at the way other end of Downtown Disney from the restuarant. So I let Hallie know I was walking and she told me to come upstairs. I have to tell you, I was a little nervous. But after the first minute I knew I had no reason to be. It was so natural and flowing. Hallie is a hugger (me too) so she greated me with a hug. I got to hug John too.

We had a fabulous dinner. I had never eaten there before and I had a lovely steak. Well, I ate 1/2 of it and brought the other half home for the doggies. They are gonna love it tonight. After dinner we walked towards Pleasure Island and stopped for drinks outside the Harley Shop. We talked and talked and talked. We talked about all of you in blogger world. Hallie is the first blogger buddy that I have met and I am her first too.

But like the title of this blogs says, I really hate to tell you this but Hallie is just as sweet in person as she is in blogger and facebook world. And John, well he is just as handsome in real life as his pictures depict and he was great. He participated in conversations and never once made me feel like this was a awkward situation.

We walked to the west end of Downtown Disney because I was on a mission. I am an annual passholder and get to buy the special pins for passholders. So we walked all that way, I stood in line only to find out that they are out. DAMN! I did end up buying Shay a new Eyeore Stocking. But don't tell her shhhhhssshhh. We stopped at another outside place for one last drink and some people watching. Yep, there are all kinds of people in Florida. Then we parted ways and I hope to go visit them up in Maine someday. Kim-D, need a buddy to go with you in October?

I took a few pictures and Hallie made me promise to delete one but I can't remember which one is was so here they are. (wink wink)

Don't they look natural on this? I think Hallie could really be a biker babe.

This one is while we were having the first drink.

This one was on eht bridge looking at Planet Hollywood. (I think this is the one I was supposed to delete)
I have met AIrman Moms son, John. He was at Wright Patterson AFB when I went to pick up Shay after her graduation and now I have meet Hallie.

So, who do you have on you list of blogging buddies that you would like to meet?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ask the Captain

NBVC, Magu Point, CA has a newsletter. I am not sure how often it is published but the one I am looking at is dated January 15, 2009. In this newsletter is a section call "Ask the Captain!" I guess this is where people can write in and as him questions. Then the one selected to be answered gets published in the newsletter.

OMG! I love this Captain. I want to hug him. I want to salute him (because he has earned it. I can't insert it because it is a PDF document so I am going to copy and paste for your enjoyment.

What is the deal with the gate guards not surrendering salutes to officer’s vehicles? I don’t think an admiral’s wife or your wife would appreciate that either. We’ve worked hard to get here and should be recognized. They learned to recognize your vehicles. On every base I’ve been on they have a sign WE RENDER SALUTES PROUDLY. Here they work on trying not to salute the vehicle if the active duty member is not present. Isn’t it by UCMJ code they are supposed to render a salute to an officer? The vehicle has a sticker so why do they not (salute) whether or not the active duty member is present or not? Fill me in!! DO THEY NOT TRAIN THESE PEOPLE ANY MORE?? If not, I see more and more laxness going on in this military.
A CWO wife.

You are going to love this.

Answer:Wow. That’s quite a sense of entitlement you have. Are you sure a salute is sufficient? Perhaps a curtsy or a genuflect would be more appropriate? We could have one sentry prostrate himself before you while the other fetches some oats for that high horse you’re riding. First, the irony of addressing what you perceive to be an issue of respect in such a disrespectful tone is not lost. Secondly, since you specifically brought her into the dialogue, my wife thinks your question indicates a regrettably narrow perspective. Third, yes, we have training which encompasses many things for which a post sentry is responsible and accountable, primarily focused on force protection, anti-terrorism, law enforcement, defense of critical assets and infrastructure, and the use of lethal force. But thanks for asking. Fourth, if you consider standing a post 65-70 hours a week as “laxness,” then I invite you to put on your winter coat and go stand on the asphalt in front of your house for four hours holding your vacuum cleaner when the temperature reaches 85 degrees. That will give you some very small sense of what it is like to man a post, without of course the lethal responsibility. Salutes are a custom between military members dating back as far as Roman times when soldiers approached each other in a manner to indicate they were not armed. The custom evolved over many centuries in many militaries, but it has always been a custom exclusively between military members. It is also important to understand that the salute is a custom of mutual respect, not subservience. That is why both members salute. It is customary (and required under Navy regulations) for the junior to render (not “surrender”) the salute first, but the senior member must return the salute promptly and in the same manner. This tangibly expresses the reciprocal respect among military members. NBVC sentries will render salutes to properly identified officers, active or retired, immediately upon identification. The salute was never intended as recognition of, or as a reward for, your “hard work to get here.” While I certainly value that hard work and your support of your husband’s military career, along with the sacrifice it entails, you ma’am are compensated in other ways for those achievements and accomplishments. You rate many things other than a salute as a dedicated Navy wife, our gratitude, appreciation, and respect among them. I sincerely hope, expect, and require that you are always treated courteously and professionally on our bases. I would ask that you give the sentries their due as well rather than leaping to the most cynical of all conclusions when our execution is imperfect. Send your questions, issues and concerns to Capt. Brad Conners, NBVC commanding officer, c/o the Public Affairs staff at You may also write to the following address; 311 Main Rd., Bldg. 116, Code

Didn't I tell you you were going to love it?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happenings and Ramblings

I was planning to post today just to get up to date with folks. But I also want to post that I think it is a tragic course of events that Natasha Richardson died of her injuries from a seemingly minor skiing accident. It just goes to show that you never know. It also reinforces why I am a believer in helmets for skiers and boarders. I started wearing a helmet for skiing about 3-4 years ago. I think it also keeps my head warmer. I want my daughter to wear one when she is boarding. I even offered to pay for it. Well, I pay for just about everything ;). Maybe now she will listen to me.

So, what have you been up to? Me? Lets see. I was sick (AGAIN) with a damn cold that just would not go away. I finally went to one of those walk in clinics last Saturday and after waiting for 2 hours I got antibiotics and steroids. Boy do I feel 200 times better.

My husband has been out of the country for the last two weeks. He was in Korea then Taiwan and finally in Japan. He got back to the US last Friday and called me from Detroit. After going through customs they got their flight to Atlanta. Once in Atlanta they had to take a bus to Montgomery, AL (That is where he is going to school). He decided to get in his car and drive to Tampa. This is at least a 7 hour drive on a good day. I told him he did not have to do it, but he did. He arrived at the house around 5:30am on Saturday. Spent most of the weekend trying to get back on his sleep schedule. He went back to Alabama on Monday and I am back to my normal routine.

So, I go to the gym on Mon, Wed and Fri and sometime during the weekend. I go to karate class on Tue and Thur. And I try to get the dogs out for a walk when it is cool enough. I figure I have to get in what I can because there will come a time in May when I may not be able to do all of this stuff for myself for a couple of weeks.

You see, we are hoping that little Binde is pregnant. I think I wrote about taking her up to Ocala to meet her mate. We will find out for sure on April 3rd. That is when I take her to the vet for an ultrasound. Keep her in your wishes. Here is a picture of Binde. Isn't she just the cutest thing?

I suppose I could show you a picture of the baby daddy (if we are pregnant). Meet Simon.

What else? Well, today is Thursday so that means tomorrow is Friday and then we get SATURDAY. I am so looking forward to Saturday. It is a stay home day which also means a no alarm clock day. I so need a no alarm clock day right now.

Plus, blogger Hallie is bringing birthday boy John to Disney World and I am supposed to get to meet them. I am waiting for them to determine the best day and time. Perhaps dinner this weekend. It will be so great to finally meet someone I have considered a friend for the past year.

Well, that is about it for now. I will try to blog again before the year is over LOL. Be good and take care.

Monday, March 9, 2009

I lead a boring life

and that means that I don't have a lot of exciting things to post about. That is one of the reasons I like facebook. All you have to do is post a simple one liner about what you are doing, where you are going, etc.

I suppose I could do that here but that would not be very interesting reading now would it.

I guess I could tell you about how last week Binde spend a few days in Ocala with Simon and we are hoping for puppies in May. Keep your fingers crossed. We will be bale to find out if she is pregnant in about a month. Then we will do an ultra sound to see how many puppies are in there (if any). I am still waiting for Molly to come in to season so I can take her to Ocala to meet her "baby daddy", Hero.

On the Shay front. She is doing well. Got her first Performance Evaluation and all marks were "clearly exceeds" and "truly among the best". They wrote lots of positive bullets and the best one was "promote BTZ immediately". She is tired of the snow already. She was going to meet me in Las Vegas in April but decided to save her leave time so she can take an extended vacation in June. I have not seen her since November 3rd. That will be 7 1/2 months that I have not seen her. The longest in her whole life. I know, I know, at least I get to talk to her multiple times per day and on occasion we have communicated via Skype but it is not skin touch.

What about me? Well, I continue to go to the gym 3-4 times per week and have been working with a trainer (Jeff) 3 times per week. I also go to my karate class 2 times per week. It makes for long days and short nights that's for sure. Maybe that is why I got sick this past week. I have been on the couch since Friday. I was such a couch potato that even the dogs got bored. I am at work today but not sure how long I will be able to last. I might have to cancel my training appointment tonight too. Not sure if my lungs could take it.

Hubby as been in Korea, Taiwan and now Japan since February 28th. He is due back to the states on the 15th. I won't get to see him until the end of April though. Unless he decides to drive down before then. My life will be less hectic when he gets back from the Air War College.

I see that all of my blogging buddies have been busy. I do try to read blogs as often as I can get away with it. But as you can see, since my nights are short I don't have much free time to devote to the computer. As it is I am cheating at work to write this. So, I better go for now and I will keep you posted on whether we are going to have puppies in May.