Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I finally figured out why I was not able to logon to my blog at work. My security settings had been changed. Must have been the last forced update that the VA does. Anyway, I am sorry for not posting. I have really missed you all. I have been able to read and occasionally post a comment. But I had things to say and changes to make and I could not. Now I can't remember what it was I wanted to say. Thank you all for not giving up on me or forgetting me.

I am getting used to not having anyone around. Shay is doing well in FTAC at Fairchild. She is class leader and is meeting new friends. I guess they say that you will hang out with the people you go to FTAC with. A few of them have been eating together now and went to the movies the other night.

My brother just got back from Japan where he was officiating at the World Karate Championships. He seemed very tired when I talked to him.

An dI have just been working and hanging out with the dogs. I have been going to karate class every Tuesday and Thursday and then this Friday will go the the kumite (fighting) class. I love kumite!!!

I took a tile class at Home Depot last weekend. We have some tiles (about 16 total) that cracked from the house settling and I want to replace them. I am ready! I got all my tools needed and the training was great. He let us all get our hands in there and feel how it should feel. Watch out bathroom, here I come!

I wanted to share some more photos from our big karate event.

This is my brother.

Here he is again. This one shows the sweat from the testing.

This is Shay, Jay and me with his certificate.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

John will be happy to hear about your HD class!

Hallie :)

AirmanMom said...

Welcome Back! Your words have been missed!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

Marge said...

I've missed you. Are you keeping warm down there? I heard last night that some places in Florida were colder than some spots in Canada! I'm sure it's northern Florida, but it still sounds funny. We are getting itchy to travel again. First comes Thanksgiving, then about 7 family birthdays, then Christmas, then Florida! YaHoo!

Lisa said...

Glad you are doing ok, sure have missed hearing from you. Hope you get to have some family home for the holidays!!!!

Christopher's mom said...

Welcome back. You have been missed.


PS: Chris carry's the coin you sent him at all times. He said it has become his good luck charm.

Tonjia said...

welcome back!!! I missed you!

great pics, your brother must really be awesome to watch.

Debbie said...

I'm sorry I've been in my own looney world here and did not reply to your email. I'm pathetic.

I think about all of you, but my mind is just not right, right now. Not doing as great as you are!! I'm happy you're back in the karate again. I know you love it :)

Also glad Shay is settling in. I remember my first permanent base well. I can't remember yesterday, but I remember that.

((Hugs to FL))

ed said...

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