Friday, January 23, 2009

Diamond Sharp Airman

Yep, that is what my little girl is. Shay received her award certificate and 2 coins in a ceremony yesterday at Fairchild AFB. Three other people from the 92nd Operations Group received this award. Shay was the only A1C! I told her yesterday that she should be walking 2 inches taller from this. This will definitely look good in her BTZ packet.

FAIRCHILD AIR FORCE BASE, Wash. – Airman 1st Class Sharayah Farrell, 92nd Medical Group laboratory technician, accepts the Diamond Sharp award from Col. Marshal Morrison, 92nd Operations Group commander, Chief Master Sgt. David Nordel, 92nd Air Refueling Wing command chief, and Master Sgt. Ken Rains, 92nd Medical Group first sergeant, at the Warrior Dinning Facility Jan. 22. The Diamond Sharp award is given to Airmen who strive for excellence, both on and off duty, in their community and their personal life. (U.S. Air Force photo / Airman 1st Class Melissa L. Barnett)

We could not be more prouod of her. And, I would not expect anything less from her. She has always been the one who does the right thing and never gave us a lick of trouble while growing up. Unless you count leaving her coat and backpack on the couch, having a messy room or not getting straight A's trouble. Can you see this proud momma's feathers fluffing? You know they are.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

YOU GO GIRL!!! Yeah for Shay!!


AirmanMom said...

michelle...this is a spectacular achievement! Hooray for Shay! Be proud, Mom...she is who she is because of you. You must be bursting with pride and shedding a MomTear or two!
Thanks for this fantastic post!!!


Reddirt Woman said...

I think there's a proud momma walking 2 inches taller, too.

That is an excellent achievement.

Is it okay to say "BooYah!!!"?


Ness said...

Congrats to Shay!!!

And Mom, be proud.

Remember, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. In order to be a great person, she learned by example.

Lea said...

Holey Moley! Way to go Shay!!!

And a super hug to you, proud Momma!!!

kimmy said...

You SHOULD be proud! What a great accomplishment!

Go Shay!!!!


Tonjia said...

WAHOO!!!! This is awesome news! I am so happy and proud of Shay!

Michelle, please tell her how amazing I think she is. This just made my day. :-)

Marge said...

You have every right to be proud of Shay, and have every right to walk a bit taller yourself. Congratulations to Sshay, and to mom for raising a winner!

Marge said...

My sssss's still don't work. Either I get none, or I get two or three!

Reddirt Woman said...

Michelle... come on over and check out what I whipped up for my give-away...


Tami said...

We are so proud of Shay. I am sure momma is walking a few feet taller also.


Lisa said...

Congrats on the award. I am sure you are very proud of her and she is of herself! Thanks for the call, and so sorry we were not able to hook up. We WILL BE BACK.

Debbie said...

Aw Michelle, this is wonderful! We are so proud of her too, but not surprised...She is an outstanding Airman and this will DEFINITELY help towards BTZ! She'll ace it for sure. I know you're about to burst with pride! it getting a little crowded where you are LOL LOL LOL?
You haven't mentioned the Super Bowl!!

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