Sunday, March 22, 2009

I really HATE to tell you this, but.......

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet Hallie and John. We met at Wolfgang Pucks (BK had given John a gift card for his birthday). Hallie texted to tell me they were waiting outside at Bongo's. I am sure they were enjoying a nice beverage. Then she texted to tell me they were now in front of Wolfgangs because the sun had moved (damn sun). I was still driving on I4 almost to my exit so being the safe driver that I am, I texted back that I was on my way and then that I was parking. Of course my luck, I parked at the way other end of Downtown Disney from the restuarant. So I let Hallie know I was walking and she told me to come upstairs. I have to tell you, I was a little nervous. But after the first minute I knew I had no reason to be. It was so natural and flowing. Hallie is a hugger (me too) so she greated me with a hug. I got to hug John too.

We had a fabulous dinner. I had never eaten there before and I had a lovely steak. Well, I ate 1/2 of it and brought the other half home for the doggies. They are gonna love it tonight. After dinner we walked towards Pleasure Island and stopped for drinks outside the Harley Shop. We talked and talked and talked. We talked about all of you in blogger world. Hallie is the first blogger buddy that I have met and I am her first too.

But like the title of this blogs says, I really hate to tell you this but Hallie is just as sweet in person as she is in blogger and facebook world. And John, well he is just as handsome in real life as his pictures depict and he was great. He participated in conversations and never once made me feel like this was a awkward situation.

We walked to the west end of Downtown Disney because I was on a mission. I am an annual passholder and get to buy the special pins for passholders. So we walked all that way, I stood in line only to find out that they are out. DAMN! I did end up buying Shay a new Eyeore Stocking. But don't tell her shhhhhssshhh. We stopped at another outside place for one last drink and some people watching. Yep, there are all kinds of people in Florida. Then we parted ways and I hope to go visit them up in Maine someday. Kim-D, need a buddy to go with you in October?

I took a few pictures and Hallie made me promise to delete one but I can't remember which one is was so here they are. (wink wink)

Don't they look natural on this? I think Hallie could really be a biker babe.

This one is while we were having the first drink.

This one was on eht bridge looking at Planet Hollywood. (I think this is the one I was supposed to delete)
I have met AIrman Moms son, John. He was at Wright Patterson AFB when I went to pick up Shay after her graduation and now I have meet Hallie.

So, who do you have on you list of blogging buddies that you would like to meet?


AirmanMom said...

michelle...this is a really great post! Is there a picture of you and Hallie together? My John was happy to have met you and I truly hope to meet you one day!
I have you on the top of my list of bloggers I would like to meet. I hope to meet MudPuppy when he returns home!!! Then every other blogger from A to Z!
Great post!!!

Debbie said...

Yes, we are all jealous. Not that you met Hallie, but that you got to hug John. Just kidding!!!

How wonderful it is to meet someone you already feel like you know already!! I felt that way when I was lucky enough to meet MPM.

If I was rich and brave enough, I'd go to the July BlogFest in VA and meet quite a few of us. And of course!! I'd love to meet you!!

If I was still married, I'd even have a place to stay. My used to be step-son just got the station manager job for Delta in Tampa. They are going to move there with my to used to be grandkids :( Sigh.

Great post girl!!

kim-d said...

Oh Michelle, I'm so glad you all had such a great time Saturday night; we are definitely going to have to get our heads together in around October! Plus, you're always gonna have to be on the lookout for me on your doorstep...BWAHAHAHAHA! I do love me some Tampa/St. Pete Beach, ya know! ;)

Tonjia said...

I am so glad you guys got to meet!! It is so awesome to finally get to talk face to face to people that you visit with online on a daily basis.

I would love to meet you and Debbie. And Kim-D and Lisa in OK. :-)

Lisa said...

Well I want to me you in Destin in June!!!!????? I am sure hoping it works out. They look like a very happy couple!! Sounds like you all had a great time.

I want to meet Debbie, Tonjia, Mental P mamma, and Road Sage, there are so many really!!!

Reddirt Woman said...

There are a number of bloggers, Michelle, with you being right there up at the top. Another is Lisa... more- Twisted Fencepost, Laura/Peach, Hallie, Kim-D, Mary Ellen. More - Debbie, Trainwreck, Tipper, Darsden, Bush Babe (at her place, of course, in Granite Glen), The Wife at Gizzards and Calf Fries, then too many more to list...

Fun post, Michelle, thanks.

Lea said...

I'd love some face time with YOU! I think Tonjia'd be a hoot; Lolly, Peggy and Hallie too.

Hey! I'm hoping to rendezvous with AF Mom Betty in VA this coming weekend!

Alice said...

Love it!! I'm so glad you guys got to meet! And I hope to meet many of you, too, in the upcoming months and years. I have met Laura-Peach....and that was a lot of fun. But we both live in that made it easy! I think the thing for me is seeing (and hearing) that bloggers who meet in real life love each other just as much as on the internet!!

Lisa said...

Where in the world are you??? It has been almost two weeks. Come on we need to hear from you!

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