Monday, March 8, 2010

News from Iraq

I had every intention of blogging more while Shay was in Iraq. I figured I would need the outlet because I would not be in communication with her as much as I am accustomed to. The wonders of technology have proved this to be incorrect. She has been able to call me often. In the beginning it was every day. Now that she is in a routine it is not so often. But I can read about her on facebook and get that connection us moms live for. Luckily this deployment is proving to be quite boring. She says it is like Groundhog Day (the movie) every day. Get up, go to gym, work, get off, shower, eat, watch movies, etc. You get it. She hates it but I consider it better than the alternative. Soldiers Kyle and Chris post about explosions and missions. Being "gone" for long periods of time. Not getting to shower. All the things that make moms worried. Sometimes their messages are cryptic and cause concern. I guess it is just their way of dealing with it.

I have wonderful friends in the Air Force Moms and Dads group and this blogging community. Shay has received several packages and is working on getting thank yous out to everyone. I offer my personal gratitude to all of you.

Puppies are getting big. They are 9 weeks old now and the first two should be leaving on March 20th for their new homes. Cream girl is going to live in South Carolina and the little guy is going to be co-owned by me and my co-breeder but will live with her in Ocala. That way I still get all the glory of co-owning him. The bigger boy, Baskin, will be leaving mid April to live in Jacksonville, FL with a nice young Navy couple. Their last name is Robbins. Get it? Baskin Robbins.... Lastly, the brindle girl will be living in Clearwater, FL but will be co-owned and shown by me. She has potential that I don't want to miss out on.

My older girl puppy, Yummy, has been diagnosed as being deaf. Took us 9 months to figure it out because she reacts and watches her brother closely. This means that I can't show her or breed her and because she needs and deserves more one on one attention then I can give her she is going to live in Vero Beach with a couple that has a Rottweiler and she works from home. That way someone is home with Yummy all day. I am going to miss her terribly. This breeding stuff is hard. Hubby and I are going to take a break from it. We bought motorcycles and want to be able to take trips. Can't do it with puppies around. At least with the older dogs (we will still have 4) we can get the dog walker to come let them out for potty breaks or I have a sitter that can stay at the house if we want to go away for a weekend.

Well, that is about it. Most of you who read my blog (when I post) also are friends on facebook so you already know most of this. It just came out in little bits over the last few months. This could be considered a recap for you.

Gotta get to work.


Ness said...

Glad to hear you're able to hear from Shay. It brings comfort that I will be able to hear from Michael when he deploys to the Sinai Pennisula in Egypt 20 May. Take care.

Marge said...

I've been thinking of Shay and wondering how she was getting along. Sure glad her life is boring! Much better than the alternative.

Glad you posted. Try to do so oftener for those of us who don't do Facebook.....I just don't need more time at the computer!

AirmanMom said...

So good to hear of boring deployments! My prayers continue for you and your daughter!

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Glad you posted. Try to do so oftener for those of us who don't do Facebook.....I just don't need more time at the computer!

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