Friday, May 22, 2009

HSUS - Do Not Support Them

Feel free to share this information with all of your blogging friends. You can bet I am and I will also post it on FB. We have to stop these money hungry thieves. That is exactly what they are, thieves. They are taking our money making us think they are giving to local entities and then they keep it for themselves.

A Not-so-Glowing Report for HSUS
By Marlys Miller Thursday, May 21, 2009
The Human Society of the United States likes it when the public ties the group to local Humane Society animal shelters. The implication is if you give money to HSUS, some of that money trickles down to local Humane Societies too, and everyone feel good about helping homeless and abused cats and dogs.Well, HSUS is not that kind-hearted. The entity's funding efforts go into HSUS coffers and that's pretty much it; and among the organization's top self-proclaimed priorities is to focus on, some might say end, animal agriculture.Last week, Channel 2 Action News in Atlanta shone the media spotlight on the HSUS — and the animal rights' group didn’t fare so well when they didn’t control the message or the camera’s direction.Atlanta reporter, Amanda Rosseter, traced for viewers where the organization’s vast donations go, explaining that little of the millions of dollars given to HSUS each year end up at local animal shelters. (The HSUS 2007 annual report indicates $120 million in revenue.)Yet, HSUS is adept at generating media attention for animal rescues. For example, this week a animal "shelter" in southern Wisconsin, which contracted with a local humane society to care for stray cats, dogs and other animals was raided for neglect and abuse. Volunteers helping with the horrendous scene included folks wearing HSUS logos, implying HSUS funding support as well.The Channel 2 Action News Story sources told the reporter that HSUS is very successful at using misleading tactics to raise funds. Meanwhile, that same annual report shows $112 million in expenses — money Rosseter’s sources say is spent on lobbyists for animal-rights bills, salaries and benefits.Source: WSBTV Channel 2 Action News


Lisa said...

Thanks for the info. I have found I do not donate any money to phone solictors, and I am just about to not donate to any one anymore unless I know it personally. Phone people get about 85% of the money earned....did you know that? So the cause they work for get about 15%. Seems pretty silly to me!

Debbie said...

I had never heard of HSUS. I just assumed donations were made at the local shelter. David and I volunteered there years ago. Good info to pass on.

eharryvan said...

Thanks for posting this... after a moving TV ad my husband had me make a donation to HSUS, and what a mistake. I immediately began to suspect they were more of a money generator than charity. too bad!
the letters, packages and OH! the aggressive phone calls! I finally told them that if they called again I would literally raise Hell with them. They stopped calling but I have more address labels than an office supply store. Oh, another way to stop their machine is to tell them in the future you will only make anonymous cash donations to your local shelter. (found your link, AFM&D's group, nice blog!)

Michelle said...

Thanks eharryvan for finding me ane commenting. You shamed me into posting for the first time in 2 months. Would have thanked your privaetly but your blog is set to private.

eharryvan said...

no prob! I didnt know I had a blog set to private! I cant remember how i found your blog now, no doubt down the rabbit hole but I have been terribly disappointed in HSUS

I also suddenly started getting constant pleas and junk mail right after this donation. A real bummer. Cash is king again :)