Tuesday, May 26, 2009

They walk among us

No comments from me. I will leave those to your imagination. If you want to share via comments please feel free to do so. Enjoy (or not)


Reddirt Woman said...

O.M.G. - That first one looks like he thinks he's the stud of the world. One of those 'last chance for love and happiness' poses. Wonder if he's posted it on facebook...?

And how the hell did that horse get where he is?

It was all downhill from there... I loved it. Your odds and ends post was a more strange than the odds and ends I posted today.

Thanks for the laughs.


Debbie said...

Yes. I went back and looked for a horse. Sad.

The guy on top is just gross. Well all were gross.

Hallie rubbing off on you girl? LOL

AirmanMom said...

Indeed, it is a scary world, thanks for proof! Guitars and Guns...oooohhhh what a guy! debbie, don't feel bad I had to go back to look for the horse too!
strange, all very strange!

Marge said...

Where on earth did you find those photos? Yup, I'm with Debbie in thinking Hallie is rubbing off on you!

jojo said...

Yikes!! Now I gotta go back and look for the horse...;p

Ness said...

Horse? I can't find the horse!

Now my day is ruined...

There are no words for these pictures but thank God none of them are related to me!

Lisa said...

Yes, those are all pretty gross. And I can not figure out how in the heck that horse got where he is. Just really makes you wonder about people huh?