Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Germany and Italy

Shay arrived in Germany this morning and called me at 538am EST. I didn't mind the wake up call. It was a long flight and she did not get her window seat as assigned. Some jerk decided it was his right to sit in any seat and Shay is not one to rock the boat (or the plane in this case). So, she had to sit in the aisle seat and got bumped every time someone walked down the aisle and was not able to get any sleep.

She then called me this afternoon to let me know they were in Italy. She got her window seat for that leg of the flight and was able to get some sleep. They had about an hour in Italy before they were continuing on to Al Udeid. I am not expecting a call for a few days. If I get one I will be happy though. They will spend the night in tents and then get issued their protective equipment and weapon before continuing on to Sather Air Base.

I am doing well. Thanks to all of my Air Force Moms, family and friends for support and thinking of me and Shay. She will be fine and will be home before we know it. Heck, it seems like just yesterday that she found out about the deployment.


Debbie said...

You are exactly right. She will be home before you know it and with wild and wonderful stories to tell. I feel she is completely safe. Only thing I worry about is her having to fight off all the guys cause she's so pretty!! She'll have a good experience and with the other AF buddies over there she'll be fine :)

You are one tough bird, have Wes and babies at home and stay active. It will fly by...((Hugs))

jojo said...

glad to see things are going well...stay strong.

AirmanMom said...

You, Shay and Wes are in my prayers. It's a tough time, but it will pass. Your daughter is a remarkable asset to our militay! Thank you!

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glad to see things are going well...stay strong.