Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A note for Rie Rie

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving the kind words. I tried to post to your blog but it is not setup to accept comments. I really hope you decide to change that as so many others, like yourself, would be stopping by to leave you words of support and encouragement as you go through this journey. Most of us Air Force Moms call BMT (Basic Mom Torture). Having gone to Basic and AIT in Georgia from Seattle it is a world away. Back in my day we didn't have cell phones or Internet so we had to write letters and call (collect) when we could. Now these kids who have grown up with the wonders of technology are expected to write home to the parents. Don't hold your breath. I received maybe 2 letters from my daughter. 1 was the information about graduation and the other was an actual letter. I also only got 2 phone calls. Not sure how the Army works but with the Air Force it depended on the mood of the TI.

I recommend blogging as much as possible. It helps. Join a Army Moms Yahoo Group. I am sure there is one out there. It helps to talk with others in the same situation. You are not alone! Plan on going to graduation. It is an awesome experience. To see the child that left your door become the adult that serves their country. Amazing!

Good Luck


AirmanMom said...

As soon as I read Rie-Rie's comments, I went to her blog immediately. Good news, she is open for comments now!
Your words to her (and all new Soldier-Mom-Newbies) is right on. We need to stay strong and pray hard. It is so important to support our Adult-Child's decision and be thankful they are where they are meant to be.
Great post!

Rie Rie said...

You're welcome, and thank you for this note. Basic Mom Torture sounds about right, right now. My son's best friend from high school also went to Benning for his training. I actually got two letters from him, so my son has to at least meet that! ;) He said he would write... and the Staff Sergeant at his recruiter's office told me to call HIM if he didn't!!! As for phone calls, I am not holding my breath there. Hoping, but I don't expect it. (Although my phone will never leave my side now.)

I joined GAP ( yesterday, but will look for a yahoo group too. More support is better, yes? Yes!!

Thanks again,

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