Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Eve

I see that I haven't posted since Friday but I did warn you all that I was going to be busy. Saturday was spent meeting the gal who designed the Gratitude Coins. What a nice person and her sons were so cute. Here they are giving Shay her coin. Shays says that it is more special than other coins she has received because it came from an American Citizen.
I am so thankful that Shay agreed to do this for her. Here is a pciture of Deborah and Shay.
After we were done with the photo shoot we headed to International Plaza in Tampa. This is a very high class mall. Snooty stores is what I call them. While there we went into the Coach store. Wow! Shay could not find what she was looking for there but she did find it at Nordstroms. What do you think Hallie?
Sat evening was spent watching movies and relaxing. And then on Sunday, we got up and headed to Disney World MGM. I can honestly say that I am Disneyed out! After spending all day and most of the night at the Magic Kingdom on Friday I was not too excited about going again on Sunday. But we did have passes that had to be used so off we went. It was very crowded but we did get to see many things that Wes and I had not seen the previous time we were there. Then we went to DownTown Disney and walked around there for a bit. Had dinner and made it home by 7pm and layed around and watched movies again.

Today (Monday) Shay and I went to International Plaza AGAIN!. She was meeting a friend from Tech School who lives here and I tagged along. I let them walk around a bit while I sat and read a magazine with a frappachino. Went to Costco after that and now we are home. Shay is napping on the couch with the dogs. Looks something like this! Can you see the two little black dogs that seem to be attached to her? That is Molly at her feet and Binde draped across her body. Brutus is around somewhere.

I want to wish everyone a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!



Debbie said...

Happy New Year from Debbie in NC! Sounds like you have really been busy...can't imagine doing Disney AND Christmas together whew! It's been 15 years since I retired but as a 35-10 fanatic Shay you are one professional Airman! You wear the uniform with pride and I am so proud of your service! Ya'll get some more rest for goodness sake!

Deb Estep said...

Hey Michelle,

Ohhhh thank you for this story and for dropping in the pictures.
Shay is a lovely young woman.

I applaud Deborah for this wonderful effort on behalf of
our troops. !!!!

xo xo
Proud AF Mom
Proud AF MIL