Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'mmmmm Baaaacckkk!!

Okay, I have actually been back since midnight on the 10th (or would that be the 11th?) but I have been so down with the crud that I can barely function at work. Well, I guess I probably am not REALLY functioning but I am here. Trying to work.

I have promised myself that tonight I am going to download my pictures and I will get some posted here. And I will write about my trip. I can tel you that 5 days is not enough time to visit all of Melbourne or even part of it.

By for now. Look for more tomorrow.


Debbie in NC said...

Well, can I say...yippee! I'm sorry your sick, but glad you're back! You are invaluable to the AF Moms/Dads group and we missed you :-)

Look forward to pics and trip tale..but don't over do it girl!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Yeah that you are back and blogging. I missed you!