Monday, February 25, 2008

Yahoo Groups

Do any of you belong to a Yahoo Group? I do. I belong to quite a few. 2 of them are for my Karate stuff, 5 of them are about French Bulldogs and one is for Air Force Moms and Dads. I used to belong to another one for Air Force Parents and Families but the moderation was so restrictive that if you wrote an email it would not show up to the group for days (weeks) so I left that group back in January (14th to be exact). When I left the group I explained my reason was because of the moderation. I never thought another word of it until yesterday when I received the following email from the moderator.


Thanks for taking the time out to email me. I completely understand that our group may not be the social or support outlet for everyone. We, currently, have over 1,400 members in Air Force Parents and Spouses. I am sorry you felt like you couldn't connect or didn't get anything from this group. Many of our members are very thankful for this forum. And, the numbers don't lie. So, we are connecting with many people. I am very happy to hear that you found a group that suits your needs. That is very important and AFPS has never assumed that we would be that group for everyone. Thanks again for your time. Best of luck to you and your son. Take care and God Bless!


Owner and Moderator, AFPS

So I responded back that this was exactly the reason that I left. It took 1 1/2 months to get a response from her. I also said that it was my daughter. Well, now she wrote me back and this is what has me so PO'd.


Unfortunately, AFPS is not the only aspect of my life. I am the wife of a Marine and the mother of a 2 year old and 4 year old. I have been battling the stomach virus within my whole family and most recently...the flu. So yes, it took me over a month to get back to your response. My other organizer just had her father pass away. So, you were not my first priority. I volunteer my time to this group and don't owe you (or anyone else) a response. Nonetheless, I sent you a nice email and wished you the best of luck. It seems like you may be one of those individuals that are not happy with anything. I organize a "support" group for Air Force families. I have volunteered my time and energy to those people who don't have a support outlet. If you did not find that within my group, that is fine with me. I, truly, am happy that you have found it somewhere else. We all need support and it doesn't matter to me where one gets it. Nonetheless, I didn't ask for or need your nasty email. If you didn't like AFPS, leave gracefully and enjoy your life. And by-the-way, without a picture or reference, there is not any way to know if A1C Farrell is a girl or boy. Therefore, I didn't have any idea that it was your daughter. As someone who has served my time and continually serve as a Marine Corps wife, I do wish you and your "daughter" the best of luck. For future reference, you may want to have a deeper appreciation for people that are trying to support one another and not bite the hand that feeds you. I will delete any future correspondence from you. Take care and God Bless!

Owner and Moderator, AFPS

Let me know what you think. While she blocked my AOL email I did respond using my other email. Just who does she think she is? I told her she did not have to respond to me but when she did she opened herself up for comments. And get this, I don't even see her relationship to the Air Force. She said she is the wife of a Marine and never mentioned her status with the Air Force. And, I have a profound respect for all the members of my Yahoo groups. Even the ones I may not agree with. And let me tell you, in the Frenchie world that happens alot!! In my Air Force Moms and Dads group we are all there for each other. I know that if I am having a bad day (or weekend like this one past) that I can post about it on my group and they will all have some words of support. If I would have posted on the other group it would have taken weeks to get a support response. At the same time I make it a point of being there for the other members of my group when they are having a bad day.

Ok. I am off my soap box and need to get back to work. AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Thank God you left that group. Good riddance. If you hadn't left there, we would have never found you over here.

I'm glad you responded again so that you can say your peace but I think maybe now you should let it go. It's her loss. And, the fact that she didnt even know who she was responding to, shows that that group just doesn't offer a "family" environment like our group.

I think you were totally justifed to feel the way you did.

And again, I can't tell you how glad I am that you jumped over to our group!


Debbie in NC said...

I posted on the day you blogged this and it didn't show up!

I would definitely be pissed at this woman, but if she hadn't been such a "B" you never would have found us! Their loss is our gain!

You are making great contributions to AF Mom/Dad and we love you!

Tonjia said...

I am just getting to this but WHAT makes this witch think she can respond to you like that?? And what connection does she have to the Air Force?

Air Force family members have WAY more class than she does!!! grrrrr

I am glad you are with our group!!!