Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas one and all

I wish you all a very VERY Merry Christmas. I wish I could get into the spirit of the holiday. It is just too difficult. I tried, honestly I did. I bought presents for everyone, I wrapped them and shipped them off. I was okay with the fact that my Shay was not going to be here with me this year (the first one) because I had her for over a month just a couple of months ago and we had a great time. Really, I WAS okay with it until everything went to hell.

First - Shay is upset because the box of gifts that she sent home has not arrived yet.
Second - Shays flight kept getting delayed. First it was 15 minutes here, 20 minutes
there. In the end it was 4 1/2 hours late getting to Seattle.
Third - My brother ordered a honeybaked ham and it did not arrive.
Fourth - The gifts that I sent actually did not arrived. I thought they had. My
brother thought he had them. But the boxes that he got just had the dogs
stuff and a couple of extra things for Shay. The HUGE box is still at the
post office waiting to be picked up.

I was so anxious about Shays flight that I could not go to bed until I knew that she was in the air. So, around midnight EST I got the text message that the plane was in the air. Off to bed I went. Then around 1am I got the call from her that she landed in Seattle. Good. Now I can sleep. Then had to get up at 530 to take hubby to the airport. See, he is going to Reno to spend some time with his son and his father. Back home I re-racked with the dogs for a couple of hours.

Things are better. Shay is with my brother and they are cooking dinner. The ham still has not arrived so they are having steaks with scalloped potato's and green bean casserole. Shay is baking cookies and they are going to the movies later. Sounds like a typical Christmas at home to me.

I promise you this, no matter what I have to do, I will be in Seattle (or the area) for Christmas next year.

Hubby and I went out to dinner last night and then drove around looking at Christmas Lights. Some were so so but one was out of this world. You had to get out of the car to walk around the yard, walk around the house, look in windows, and talk to Santa. And they had popcorn popping and music playing. It was pretty cool. I want to go back tonight and take some pictures to share. Until then I leave you with this little video I took with my cell phone.

Merry Christmas


Lisa said...

Merry Christmas, I am sorry you had such a stressful time. Glad everything worked out, ok in the end.

AirmanMom said...

michelle...It sounds as though you handled everything the best you could. Next year will be a much happier memory for you!
Merry Christmas!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

Debbie said...

Oh goodness gracious! One of those Christmas's where if it can go wrong it sure will. Are you in bed with your head under the covers? LOL! I would be also wishing for Calgon to take me away!

I'm glad all finally came together in the end. Um, yes, Seattle next year for sure.

Where's your Flip camera? I asked for one for Christmas, still hoping as in David ran out of time shopping and is heading back out today. Wonder where he gets his procrastination from? Ha! Ha! Ha!

Hugs to you my friend :)

Tonjia said...

is that video someones yard??? OMG!

I am a little late, but I still want to wish you Merry Christmas Michelle, and a happy new year too.

Jean said...

Hi Michelle - I know its frustrating when things go wrong and you just can't get in the spirit especially when that special one isn't home. Glad it all came together in the end, sometimes getting out of the house is that Calgon moment.

I almost flipped out when I logged on to your page - my blog has the same side flower/color thingies as you have. Great choice!!! My husband loves it too!

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