Sunday, December 7, 2008

What a game!!!!

Sooners lower boom on Mizzou 62-21

Sam Bradford and Oklahoma wanted to drive home one point: They belong in the BCS championship game.

The No. 4 Sooners did that with a 62-21 blowout of No. 19 Missouri for the Big 12 title Saturday night.

Taking advantage of an opportunity many felt it didn't deserve, the highest-scoring team in major college football history romped to a third straight conference crown and became the first to reach 60 points in five consecutive games.

If all goes accordingly Sunday, Oklahoma (12-1) will be in the top two of the Bowl Championship Series standings, looking at a title game matchup against No. 2 Florida on Jan. 8 in Miami.

It should be an exciting time in the state of Florida come January.


Tracy said...

Thanks for sharing the news and the score-my daughter went to that game yesterday in KC with friends that attend OU. I haven't spoken to her yet so I had no idea who won.
She will be moving to Oklahoma soon so she has became a fast fan!

Tracy said...

Thank you for your commentand for the advice. I should have done what I did the other night a long time ago-even before Iraq.
I have actually told every person in the military throughout the last 2 years who I thought could help and even his medhold case manager-ALL of it has been ignored.
He is supposed to be seeking help through the VA-treatment options he has told me are only outpaitient unless he is "suicidal". He needs in-paitient so he has to be accountable 24/7.
At this point I am not doing anything further for him-unless he does the right thing. I need to be able to breathe and put my energy into my kids and myself.
I have allowed him to destroy my dreams one-by-one for the last 12 years-no more!
His parents are blind-I know they love him-but they are only hurting him. They are the ones who bailed him out of his DUI-he knew better than to even call me.
I do have a contact at the VA-the OIF nurse here in KC-I will call her tomorrow just to get some advice and see if he is actually telling me the truth-since lies are second nature to him.
Thanks again-sorry this is so long-I will try and keep everyone updated on my blog. It's just hard right now-It is on my mind constantly but I also actually am staying busy and enjoying life a little-that hasn't happened for a while. He is with his mom and dad-maybe they will get to see the real Rodney-yeah right?

Lisa said...

Oh yes, go Sooners! Texas can whine all they want, they should have not gotten beat by a lower ranked team like they did. Life sucks sometimes...and I assure if it were Texas that had gone to the BCS Big 12 championship game, I WOULD HAVE BEEN WHINING!!! We love our football here no doubt! OU has done really good the last several games, I just hope they get everyone healthy and able to play solid in January...what a game that will be!

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