Wednesday, March 12, 2008

3 Weeks To Go

Only three weeks to go before I hop on a plane and go visit my daughter in Ohio!! I am so excited. We are going to go to a dinner theater while I am there. Perhaps we will visit Cleveland and Cincinnatti. All I really care about is spending time with her. Even if we only sat and watched tv together it would be fine with me.

Last night I was very sad. I had just gotten home, had not even changed clothes yet, hubby and I were talking and catching up. Well the neighborhood kids were outside playing and out door bell rang. My thought was ball in the back yard. Nope, they wanted to tell me there was a dog out there and it was in my garage (I had left the door open). So I go outside to check it out. This poor dog. Just made me want to cry. He has mange so bad that he has lost most of his hair. He was bleeding from one of his paws. He looked like he had not eaten in a long time. He had infections in both eyes and probably both ears and he stubk so bad that he had nats flying around him. Oh, and he looked like he had tumors all over. He was just so sweet. He walked up to my front door and looked in like he wanted to come in. Well, I could not let him in because he had the mange so bad and I could not take a chance on my dogs getting it. So we get the phone book so I could call the Animal Control. While I am getting the number he starts walking down the block. I tried calling him and he would nto come so I followed him. He went to another house (same color door as me) and just staired at it. I get a hold of Animal Control and am told that an officer would call me back. I don't want to lose site of him so when he starts walking down the block again I followed. Again, he went up to another house with a red door. Something tells me he must have lived at a house with that color door. While he is staring at the door an young man comes out an dI explain the whole thing to him. Well, the dog started walking and went back to the other house and just stared at the door. While the young man watched the dog I went back to my house and got food and a leash and put water out. My intent was to get him to come back to my house so I could secure him by my mailbox and wait for animal control. This dog would not come with me on the leash but he would stay where he was and eat. When he was done we tried again to get him to come back with me to my house. He finally moved for the boy. We got him to my house and used a rope to secure him to my mailbox. He would not drink any water and he would not lay down. I think it hurt him to lay down. He tried to scratch himself because of the nats but could not stand on three legs long enough to do it. The officer finally called me back and got directions to my house. We waited with the dog until they arrived. The dog seemed eager to get in the van and go for a ride but could not make it on his own. The control officer had to lift him and that was the first time I heard the dog make a sound because I know it must have hurt him.

I am afraid to call to check on him because I just know that the most humain thing to do would be to put him down. Why do people do this? It is like he was abandoned because he was sick. Don't people know that if they took him to the pound he would get medical treatment and have a chance of being adopted if it is done before it gets out of hand?

I cried! And I told my three dogs that they don't realize just how good they have it.

Thanks for letting me vent.

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