Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Week (almost 2) in review

I am such a bad blogger. It has been over a week since I last posted. I guess I don't do much to talk about. Since I returned from Australia I have been extremely busy at work. Which of course I love. I hate not being busy. I have been given more tasks with increased responsibility. So in the words of Sally Field "They like me, they really like me". Not sure if I meantioned this before but I am what is called a Temp. I was hired to fill a temporary need and my "contract" is for 1 year, not to exceed 2 years. Well, they have been telling me that they are going to make me a permanent and that my boss (the auditor) is supposed to be writing the position description. Well, it has been months since they first told me about this and still nothing. Since the Director has been detailed to Washington DC, the Acting Director has gotten things going. She asked our Regulation Guru (Guy) to write the PD and within hours he had the most amazing position description written. It is for a GS7 (government speak) AND he wrote it so that after one year I will be upgraded to a GS9. How great is that? I won't even have to apply for a promotion. And I have been working my butt off (hence no blogging) that I have gotten all the programs caught up with their rate increases so the Acting Director (did I tell you I just love her?) told me she was putting me in for a merit bonus. That is pretty cool.

What can I tell you about Shay? She has been stuck in the dorm all weekend. Ohio has been inundated with so much snow (not as much as Hallie, I know) and the storm came in on Friday so they sent them all home early. Here is a picture from yesterday morning looking out her door.

I know it is hard to make things out. Those are cars on the left and that is a fence around a field. She has been so bored. She can't even get her car out of the parking lot to go rent movies.

Last weekend I organized a French Bulldog Meetup. These guys just had a great time. Why is it that dogs can just tell when they are with like type dogs? Here are a couple of pictures from the event. Everyone that attended loved it so much that they can't wait for the next one.

Mine are the three black ones in the first row.
This little guy is only 4 1/2 month sold. I guess he was really thirsty!!

So I hope I made up for not posting for so long. I promise that I will try to find the time to post more often. That would mean that I would hacve to do something worth posting about though.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Blog about nothing for petes sake...just blog!!!

I like reading about just your everyday stuff.

Get better at this please!!!!


Debbie in NC said...

GS-7 to will be rolling in the dough girl!

That pic out Shay's window reminded me of being stationed in MI and ME. The Ohio storm was all over the news. Poor Shay..stuck in room. Hopefully Spring will be there shortly.

No, I won't mention your lack of blogging. When I get a job, I'll probably be the same way. It took me 5 months to start! If I don't do it really early in a.m. I won't do it, I'm sure.

Good job woman! YIPPEE!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Glad I help remind you how amazing family is. If that's all my blog does, then it will have been a successful endeavor!

Hallie :)