Saturday, March 15, 2008

Guess What Shay did today

My lovely daughter went rock climbing with the guys today. Sounds like something I would have done when I was younger. I tried to paste this link so you would see the YouTube screen, like everyone else seems to know how to do, but I don't know how. I am not that techno literate. If someone wants to give me instructions that would be great. Anyway, here is a video link to the place that she went and some pictures.

She said they had a blast. They give you a class first and then you become "certified" so the next time you go you do not have to take the class.

And what did mom do all day....clean. Hubby had to work so I got all the fans dusted, floors swept and mopped and rugs vacuumed and 1 load of laundry done. Why only one load, because I ran out of detergent. I shop at Costco! How could I run out of detergent? So guess where I have to go today? I also plan to go to Kinkos to copy fo pictures and scan some old ones into digital.

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Debbie in NC said...

WTG Shay! Good way for the "young" to keep in shape. I bought laundry detergent yesterday LOL

I took David's printer/scanner/copier and am going to try and scan old pics. I have no idea how. I'm new to this stuff too.

You're doing great! Wanna come clean my house? It's a tad cooler up here :)