Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hug a Med Lab Tech - Updated!!!

UPDATED - I was able to add the picture

This is National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week so I say hug your lab tech. But you know I would only hug MY lab tech!

In honor of this week the lab at Wright Patterson AFB held a cake decorating contest. Shay won!!!! I can't believe what a great job she did. But I will have to attach the picture later. Our server/inernet connection at work as been hosed all day Monday and again today (so far). And of course I do all my blogging at work! Actually, the pictures are onmy work pc and I can't send them. Heck for all I know I may not get this posted today either. If you get to read this then it worked.

Do you remember what we did before computers, servers and the internet? I really was not that long ago that I could do my whole job without a computer. In fact, I got my first computer at work when I was pregnant with Shay. That was 21 years ago. OMG! I am getting old. My baby will be 21 in 45 days.


Debbie in NC said...

What a FABULOUS cake!! My goodness I am so impressed and WTG Shay!!
Happy Med Lab Tech week, girl!!

We had no PC's either and I can't imagine life without them now, can you? When David was at college, we IM'd almost every night. I was working F/T and that's the first thing I did when I got home...check his away message LOL

He said last night that he's buying web cams so we can talk when he's away...how will I survive? Be thankful for hubby lady!!!

Lea said...

Congrats to Shay. Great looking cake!
We got our first computer (a Power Mac) in 1995 but I worked on them as early as 1990. Apple computers with track feed printers. LoL