Friday, April 25, 2008


I am so proud of my Molly (Ch Porcia puella pro Brute d'McKee). Her son Norman is heading to the California French Bulldgo Speciality and here is the advertisement that will be in the brochure. He is such a handsome looking boy. He is the brother to my Binde. I wish Binde took after him! This is the first time I have been mentioned as a breeder in one of these magazines.

Pretty cool, huh?


Lea said...

Very cool!
What a handsome pup!

Debbie in NC said...

Yes my dear, this is pretty darn cool! Still feeling pretty crappy here...

When I get a cell phone I'll give you number...not fair for you to use all YOUR minutes, girl!!

I haven't forgotten though! Thanks again for keeping us updated on John and Hallie..You're the best! Have fun getting hair done and ugh on the fence!

Debbie in NC said...

I'm giving myself 5 more minutes on computer LOL!

Yes...get both, like TODAY!!


If I don't post tomorrow, you know I got lost in mess :)

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I have wanted a Frenchie for as long as I can remember. I love them. I want one. I really, really want one.


Hairless oatmeal? Are you sure about that? :)


David said...

Amazing. Great pup!
Thanks for this