Saturday, April 12, 2008

What did you do today?

Today is Saturday and I have spent the whole morning and mid afternoon cleaning. I guess you could call it spring cleaning. This is spring time, right? I washed all of the dogs bedding, pillows blankets and I even cleaned their crates. I did this on the back patio so I hosed down that as well. Now doing this caused the sliding doors to get wet so I had to clean them too. Now picture this, I have three sliding doors on the patio. One from our bedroom, one from the dogs room and the other from the family room. The one from the family room is a triple slider which means there is 3 glass panels that slide back and away. This allows you to open up the family room to the great outdoors. It also means lots of glass to clean. AND, I just gave all three dogs a bath. Boy am I tired!

I think I deserve to be taken out for dinner.

Just talked with Shay. She is out trying to find a storage facility. Seems she is supposed to get a room mate next week. If you can imagine, her room has 2 twin beds and they are pushed together to make a king size bed. All the kids have done this in the dorm. Now she comes home to find a bag of linen and a not saying "Inbound 4/23/08". She has so much "stuff"that she takes up both wall units and she has two duffel bags in the corner. Did I tell you my daughter is a clothes hog? She loves to shop. Anyway, I suggested she rent a small, 5x5, storage unit so she can make room for the room mate. There was one other person in her class (a guy) who got the bag of linen and the inbound note. Her classmate called their supervisor who did not know anything about the room mates and told them he would look into it. She is content with that for now.

She got a call from K, her new pen pal. K was in the hospital last week and Shay sent her a Air Force Teddy Bear that she got today. This is the start of their relationship and it was sweet to hear the excitement in my 20 year olds voice that her young pen pal called. It is times like these that I am reminded that I raised a pretty neat daughter.


Debbie in NC said...

Now I will comment about GLAD you got some Spring cleaning done and cleaned windows which I mentioned in my post that I was doing BEFORE you posted.

ROFL...I know you're confused :)

That is wonderful about Shay and K. I've been keeping up with her daily and hope she's better soon. This is kind of like Big Brother/Big Sister ya'll got going on and it's great! Dayna should be leaving tm for

I said for you to rest, but go out to dinner too! Have a relaxing evening girl :)

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Yeah for the phone call! How awesome! I'm really glad this is working out.

Hallie :)

Dayna said...

So, it took a long time, but at least it's on the way!

K is sitting next to me writing a letter right now! While she's hooked up, I might add!

Hope all is well there!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Did I just reread my comments and discover that you ate CHICKEN CORDON PUS last night? What the hell is wrong with you?

Good I can't stop picturing you biting into a chicken flaovored blister that oozes pus when you take a bite!


Michelle said...

I was hungry and thought hubby was taking me out to dinner. When that didn't happen I had to cook the only thing I had in the freezer. The way I cook them the cheese is gone by the time you cut in to so it does not pus out. I swear I think of you every time I eat them. I told Debbie not to say anything. See if I tell her any thing again! (LOL)