Monday, April 7, 2008

I am back

If I told you that I was sad because I had just spent 3 full days with my daughter would you understand? It was so great to see her, hug her and yes, smell her. But I had just gotten to the point of not feeling sad that she was not here and I get that taste. Now I am sad again! We have plans to meet in Phoenix the first weekend in June for a wedding. It will be the weekend after her 21st BDay so we plan to celebrate then.

I arrived in Dayton last Thursday and Shay picked me up after doing PT. We went grabbed a bite to eat and then headed to the lodge to check in. After that we went to her dorm room to pick up her stuff because she was spending the weekend at the lodge with me. It was great just hanging out and watching TV together. She had to be at the hospital at 7am and lucky for us the lodge is right across the street. I went over around 9 and she was able to take a break and show me around the lab. I did not realize how many students there actually are there. I picked her up at 4pm and we went to her dorm so she could shower and change. We had reservations at La Comedia and had to be there by 6pm. It is a dinner theater and they start serving food at 6:15 and the show starts at 7pm. We saw Thoroughly Modern Milly and had a great time. We shared our table with a couple of young ladies there celebrating a birthday. Back to her dorm to get clothes and check email and then back to the lodge. By now it is 11pm so we pretty much just got in our jammies and went to bed.

Saturday we decided not to go to Cleveland (over 200 miles one way) and headed to Cincinnati instead. Walked around downtown a little then headed over to the Kentucky side of the river and there was a shopping area. We decided to see a movie (Leatherhead) and then after we walked around some more. Then back north to Dayton (actually the city outside Wright Pat is Fairborn). We had enough time to hit the mall for an hour before it closed! Boy was I tired when we finally made it back to the room. Dinner was grab and go and eat in the room that night.

Sunday we went to the Air Museum at Wright Patterson. Boy is it huge!!! We could have spent much more time than we did. But we wanted to go to Costco and Target and that was 35 miles away. Well, Costco is that far and there just happened to be a Target next to it. Then we went to a shopping area called The Greene. It is like a mini downtown area. Shops are on blocks and there are multiple blocks in the shopping area. It was such a nice day too! Dinner was at The Cheesecake Factory, which we always love. I was a good girl and did not order desert. Shay got cheesecake for later though. Then we had to go back to her dorm to get her uniforms that she would need for this morning and we headed to the lodge. Sitting there, watching TV and then all of sudden she realized she forgot her hat. Road trip back to the dorm (9pm) and then back to the room. She got her uniform ready for today and we wre both so tired we went to bed to watch tv. She was up at 530 this morning because she had to be at the hospital at 7am again. She is so nice. She drove back to the dorm to pick up this other airman who had to be there at 7am because he does not have a car. One last break with her at 9am and then I had to get ready for the shuttle to pick me up.

Here I am at home, writing here and watching the dogs chase the flashlight. I have already talked to Shay like three times tonight! Life gets back to normal pretty quick.

Lots of blogs to catch up on so I better get going.


Debbie in NC said...

Michelle, bittersweet comes to mind. I remember well the excitement and then the let down. Ugh. However, it sounds like you had a wonderful time and got to see places you wouldn't have otherwise seen! And with Shay!

Once, David waited 3 weeks to come home from college and gosh was I so glad to see him! Then Sunday...waving goodbye till he was out of sight again.

And of course you took pics? Looking forward to seeing them :)

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I'm so happy you had a nice visit. Hard to leave I know but what a wonderful time you both had. I really wish we could get down to see CJ but with John's surgery there's just no way. At least not for now.

Hallie :)

Debbie in NC said...

Okay...where are you?

No AI comments? Was surprised last night. Didn't expect that.

Are you okay? When does hubby leave?'s like we're on an IM and I'm waiting for you to respond!

I'm losing it here... :)

Debra Estep said...

Hey Michelle,

What a wonderful trip up to
see Shay... Awwww.

AND I did not miss your Ohio visit since you did not head North.

xo xo