Monday, May 19, 2008

Do you scrap book?

I have decided that scrap booking is a lot of work. Deciding on which pictures to use is so hard. Then trying to figure out how to do the layout and which stickers and such to get.

I decided to put a memory book together for Shays 21st Birthday. I thought I would start with when she was born, maybe preschool then kindergarten. Then group by friends through the school years. Of course a page or two of just pictures of her and her grandmother. Maybe one of the two of us and end up with pictures from her Air Force days (so far). And lastly, I will start the page that will hold the pictures from her 21st B-Day. I went and bought shape cutters, scissors and stickers this weekend. I have been sorting through all the pictures and grouping them. Hubby says he will help.

Looking through all the pictures I have noticed something and I want to know where did my little ham go? When she was little I had no problems getting her to pose. It was like all of a sudden she would not let me take pictures. Even now she hates for me to takeher picture. I know her and friends take pictures all the time. I see them on Facebook and Myspace. Why won't she let her mom take any?

3 days until Shay gets here.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I WAS wondering where you put your fruit but I didn't want to pre-judge you!!

Hallie :)

Debbie in NC said...

Hallie has me totally confused LOL

Yes, I went the whole Creative Memories route about 6 years ago and spent tons of money. DON'T. I have done 3 pages.

Your idea is PERFECT!I had "thought" of this for David, but didn't "act". DO!!!!

Just buy what you need, because it can be really addicting LOL!!

And gosh...we don't want anything more addictive :)Blogging is bad enough LOL

Lisa J said...

I love taking photos and now that I have moved I don't know where all my pictures are. I made a scrapbook for daughter Beth years ago and I loved it. I have not gotten into the scrapbooking like you are talking about. Now that I am retired I should do it. But oh well. I can't wait till Friday!!!! TJ and Amanda will be here! Aren't we silly, counting down days like Christmas...well it is like Christmas again isn't it? Having our kids home is a GREAT present. It is my mother's day and my birthday present rolled into one. I'll take it!

Lisa J said...

IS SHE HOME YET!!???? Mine gets here in about four more hours. Yeah!!! Have a GREAT and AWESOME, weekend. Give a big hug from me to. Us moms, we are all alike. Hugs for everyone!

Tonjia said...

they grow up quickly dont they? I always have great intentions of making scrapbooks but never get anywhere!

what is Hallie talking about? LOLOL

Michelle said...

Hallie is commenting on the fruit because I commented on her post about the lemons. I told her I never put lemons in my water of my ice tea and she was wondering where I put my fruit. Just to clarify for all ya'all.