Thursday, May 8, 2008

I had a busy weekend

On Friday I had to take Brutus to the vet to have a couple of teeth pulled. I was so scared because I know that anytime you have to put them under things can happen. We had to leave him there all day so hubby and I went to The Magic Kingdom at Disney World. It was not too crowded and was not too warm so we rode a few rides, walked around, had lunch and then watched a parade. Headed out to pick up Brutus. Poor little guy. When they brought him out he walked right past me to daddy and turned his back on him. That means pick me up! Hubby rode in the back seat with Brutus while we made the hour long trip home. Brutus pretty much stayed in his spot on the couch all night. The girls were excited to see him and tried to get him to play but he was having none of that. I didn't want him being in his crate on the other side of the house in case he needed me so he got to sleep with mommy and daddy. He is doing fine now and does not seem to be bothered that he is missing his bottom two teeth.

Saturday found us working in the yard. Hubby in front weeding and removing old bark and me edging and mowing. It was so hot on Saturday. It got over 90 down here. After showering and resting we went to Barnes and Noble and then out to eat. Pretty boring existance.

Sunday we finished up in the yard and then I went to Costco and Walmart. We did not do anything special for Mothers Day. Both of our mothers are gone and of course Shay is not here. She did send me flowers and TWO cards this week. She said she could not decide between the two so she got them both. They were both musical cards with the song Stand By Me in one and then the mom and daughter from the Gilmore Girls in the other one. We used to watch that show together every week and she would always say that we had the same kind of relationship that they had. I am not so sure about that but it made me feel good. I hope I had some influence on the lovely young lady she has become.

I have also spent the weekend digging through photo albums and boxes of photos that never made it into an album and searching my computer for pictures. I am making a Memory Book for Shay for her 21st birthday (May 31st). I am not that artistic so this could be a challenge. Wish me luck!

Gotta get back to work so TTFN.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Ok, you my friend, take the brilliant award.

Loving the "firsts" then dreading the "firsts?" That is a profound and powerful statement.

And you are dead on.

You are one smart momma.

Hallie :)

Tonjia said...

Oh poor Brutus.. he was pouting! LOL
Do you go to Disneyworld very often? I would love to see it. We used to live 20 minutes from Disneyland when Bre was little and she thought everyone went to Disneyland for Christmas. What a shock she had when we moved to KANSAS! LOLOL

Have a great day Michelle. I can hardly wait for Shay to get out of tech, I'll bet she feels the same.

Debbie in NC said...

Well someone's been playing with their blog! Or either I just didn't notice before :)

Poor Brutus :( I'm glad he's on the road to recovery!

Memorial Day will be here before you know it! And a big congrats on losing those 10 lbs! Good luck on the next 10 :) I'll try to remind you not to eat LOL LOL

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I made you blush?


Hallie :)

Lisa J said...

Isn't it so hard to have our kids so far away. Wish it just wasn't so. I miss mine, talk to them everyday, but it just is not the same. We sent my nephew back to Iraq yesterday, sad sad day.