Saturday, May 17, 2008

I saved a sparrow

When I got to work Thursday, there was this little bird sitting on the ground outside out office door. He looked like he was sleeping but when I made noise he did not move. So I picked up a piece of bark and gave him a little push. It did not wake him so I pushed a little harder and he shook his head like "you startled me" and he moved away and went back to sleep. I thought this poor little guy is sick. I kept looking out the glass to see how he was doing. He would move, but always had his head by his wing like he was sleeping. Then I looked out and he was on his side and I thought he was dead. Poor thing. A little while later I looked out and he was up and sleeping again. I decided that I? ahd to do something and remembered that I had read an article about this wild animal sanctuary but I could remember the name. I googled "wild bird" and found a number so I called them. They gave me the number for Care Animal Hospital that was not too far from my house. I called and described what he was doing and they said it sounded like he was just a baby. I asked if I was doing the right thing by wanting to save him and they thought if I left him he would not survive the elements and would be pray to other pests. I decided I was going to save him. I got a box and put a towel in the bottom and then I picked him up and placed him in there. I kept the box in the office until I could leave work. He would just sleep. So I get him to the hospital and they opened the box and they thought he did not make it. The gal went to move him and he popped out of the box onto the counter and when she picked him up he squawked and she siad he was pretty strong. I figure he had fallen out of his nest because they are doing construction right outside our office. I had to sign a waiver to any rights for him and surrendered him to the clinic. Since they operate on little or no funding I gave them a generous donation to take care of him. I felt pretty good about what I did. Well, that was the highlight for my week.

5 more days until Shay gets home for the weekend.


Tonjia said...

Way to go Michelle!!! I am a firm believer in taking care of Gods creatures, they depend on us.

You did a great thing.

Bless the beasts and the children...

Debbie in NC said...


What a hero you are and what a wonderful act of kindness! Your post really has me thinking this morning....this is so much more than saving the life of a little bird.

Maybe it's about being useful and still making a difference in someone's life. I can't put it all together in my head but with me and my crow, rabbit and squirrel and you with your little baby bird...makes one wonder.

5 more days? Wow! I know you are just tickled to death and wishing the time would...ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM!


Lisa J said...

Oh how sweet. I did not know there were places you could take a hurt or sick animal like that. I wish we had one here in Tulsa, and maybe we do. I just need to research it. That was so kind.

I, like you, await my kid coming home. He and Amanda (wife of 1 1/2 years) will be coming home Friday night. I can't wait. I want to plan many things to do with them but there won't be that much time. They will leave Monday probably about noon would be my guess. So really two short days is all I will have. I WILL TAKE IT!