Saturday, May 24, 2008

Yes, She is here

Shay arrived late on Thursday. We got home around 11pm and stayed up till after midnight. Friday found us heading to Epcot after going to the chiropractor and trying to see the guidance counselor at the High School. Seems we have a glitch with getting the Foreign Exchange Student. The high school is not wanting to accept her. We thought if we spoke to them in person it might make a difference. Of course the person we needed to talk WAS NOT THERE. At least that is what the gate guard (secretary) said.

Anyway, we had a good time hanging at Epcot. It was surprisingly not that busy. Today we went to St. Petersburg, FL because they have my favorite store and I need a new outfit to wear to my god daughters wedding on the 7th. Then we all went and saw Indiana Jones 4. If you have not seen it, I do not recommend you spend the money. Wait until it comes out on dvd. It was supposed to rain today which is why we did not go to the beach. Well, it did not rain. We are going to the beach tomorrow.

Tonight is being spent lounging on the couch watching Independence Day on tv. We have taken some pictures and I will steal them off of Shays camera and post them next week. Monday is coming too soon!!!


Debbie in NC said...

Welcome home Shay! I've been thinking about you guys ((HUGS))!

Florida beach today sounds just fantastic :) and it sounds like you're having fun. I know the time speeds by unfortunately ARGHHHHH!

Mom & Daughter, beach, talk...can't get much better!!

Looking forward to photos :)

Tonjia said...

Welcome Shay!! I know you and your mom are having a ball.

Thank you for your service, you are such a role model for our girls!!

Michelle, please give Shay a HUGE hug for me!

Enjoy the beach and the Florida sunshine..

Debbie in NC said...

Sunburned? She's worth every minute of the agony LOL!

I've never even changed the oil in my riding lawnmower? Brakes? HAHAHA don't think so!

Thanks for letting me know I didn't get taken..was concerned :(

Give that precious Airman another hug for me and email me if you feel like dog crap after she leaves! (I'll be expecting one)


Lisa J said...

I hope you had a great time with Shay. I had a good time with my son and his wife and failed to take any pictures! Good grief. But I am planning a trip to Texas to see him for the weekend at the end of June. I hope it works out. I will keep you posted. Aren't we lucky moms?

Ness said...

Welcome home Shay!!! Enjoy your visit!

Lisa J said...

Hey,just checking on you. Did you survive your visit. Missed seeing your blog the last couple days or so and wanted to make sure you are ok. Take care.

Lisa J said...

WHERE ARE YOU??? Have you already left for the wedding???? I will be checking on you every day.