Thursday, August 14, 2008

Congratulations Hallie!!!

I would like to say congratulations to Hallie at WoWW. Yesterday I was the 6500 lurker looker at her blog. To help her commemorate the occasion I want to present her with not one, but two, pictures of Prada bags.

I am such a nice friend. I even picked the most expensive bags I could find. Keep up the good blogging Hallie.

In other news in Shaysmas life:
....Anna is settling in. Since I am at work all day she is left to fend for herself. Unfortunately, this gives her time to think and she thinks about how much she misses her family and friends and Sabastian (bf). Today she is going shopping with some friends so that should help and then tonight we have Orientation at the high school. I am off tomorrow and as soon as I get the lawn mowed we will be heading out to see Tampa.

....You can't plan when it comes to the Air Force. Shay has been scheduled to graduate from Tech School on Sep 23rd. This has been the date since she arrived at Wright Patterson on January 4th, 2008. Then came word that they would graduate on the 19th because their NCOIC will be on leave the next week. So I look up new flight times. Then it comes down that so and so's father already got his ticket so graduation is now set for Sep 22nd. Ok, I look at more flights. Then comes the txt msg that says "don't buy your ticket yet". I realize that it is a month away but the price for tickets keeps going up. I don't think it is going to go down. Plus I have to schedule the time off from work. That is my rant for the day. I will keep you all posted!


Lisa J said...

Good grief. How are you suppose to plan anything? I hope it all works out for you, I am sure that in itself is stressful. Hope your time goes great with Anna, take lots of pictures and post them so we can all see your new girl!!!

AirmanMom said...

I don't remember my son's recruiter-recruiting me as well...but guess what!
We serve!

Hang in there! Everything turns out as it is meant to be. Have you been to Wright-Patt? I'm heading there this weekend!

Stay strong and flexible!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

FOR ME???? And you picked the most expensive one? I AM HONORED!!! And soooooooo excited!!

When shall I expect delivery?

Hallie :)

Tracy said...

First time commentor..I know so well about making plans with the military involved. Frustrating but just the way it is-Hope all works out for you to make it down.
Army wife

Debbie said...

Yes, been there, done that LOL. I know it's frustrating when it involves money and airlines. Just a little more than a month away!

I'm glad you and Anna will have a little extra time together this weekend. I know she has to be homesick :( especially where the bf is concerned :(

Oh, you just had to get Hallie Prada huh? No, Coach for her anymore. She's moving up in the world. LOL. Nice thing for you to do :)

Tonjia said...

well, thats the Air Force!! hurry up and wait, and wait and wait....

Have fun on the trip to Tampa.

McMom said...

I just found your blog through wonderful world of weiners. We just finally made it back to Washington, our home state! AND we came from FL, Valrico! My husband was stationed at MacDill. Anyway I am so glad to be back in Washington!!! The heat there really got to me!

We Love the Air Force though, but have also taken our turn at waiting!!

kim-d said...

BWAHAHAHAHA...good job on the PRADA, Michelle! And two of the most expensive ones; Hallisicle should be in PRADA heaven. Who knows, maybe she'll even tone down Morbid Mondays!!!

Reading about the whole "just joking; that's not the REAL date" thing with the Air Force made me think that, possibly, my English Comp instructor might be involved somehow. She is the college equivalent...frustrating as all get out, huh?

Have fun with Anna this weekend...pix would be good :)!

McMom said...

Hey!! Glad you came by my blog!
We came back from FL in January and we lived there 2 1/2 yrs. We went to a great church and met some great people, but thats about the only good things I have to say about FL! The heat and humidity were awful! Disney was fun!!

What part of WA are you from?

kimmy said...

I can't even begin to tell you how excited Hallie was to know that you were thinking of her and her obsession with Prada bags :)


kim-d said...

Well? How was the weekend? Will there be pictures? Not that I'm nosy or anything--BWAHAHAHA!