Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Men Are Mean

Tell me the truth, if this were you what would you do?

I have a feeling if that were my husband, he might be enjoying the features of the couch for a few nights. How about you?

Now here I caught Molly as she was watching Tonjia's Max get excited. Tonjia got one of the Flip camera's and was playing with it. Does not take much to make us happy.

And finally a little show from tonights storm.

Enjoy your Wed. I have to go to the high school to register Anna. Wish me luck!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

That video is hysterical. Mean, but freakin' brilliant!!


Lisa J said...

I have seen the first one before and I still laugh so hard. I first thought it might be staged, but the look on her face looks pretty real to me. Soooo funny, especially when she SMELLS the gun. I am still laughing at the picture in my head!!! And Molly wanted to crawl right into that computer and get that dog didn't she?
I am excited for you and your new daughter I hope you have 1/2 the experience we had with ours. I love ours so much and miss her still. I hope she does not get too homesick. Mine didn't, she didn't even want to go back but she had to. Her mother had died and she was glad to be away from her dad. I would have adopted her if I could have. I wanted to.

the storm was awesome as well. do you get those everyday?
Have a great one!

Tonjia said...

OMG the entire family is here cracking up at that first video!

Max is so feeling like a movie star, he didnt know anyone watched the video for real.. LOL And he thinks Molly is pretty cute too!

I absolutely LOVE my flip, I keep it with me all of the time now in my purse, just in case. Thanks so much for mentioning it on your blog.

kim-d said...

OMG, Michelle! That video! I don't know who the bigger moron is; him or her. I mean, who sits around their picnic table smelling a gun? And Mr. Funny? She CHOSE this guy to spend THE REST OF HER LIFE with? AY-YI-YI! BWAHAHA!

As my much-loved hubby used to always say, "there is someone for everyone." :)

AirmanMom said...

Fun post! Thanks for sharing!
My husband has learned not to scare me anymore, my shreiks cause him to jump (and grown men aren't suppose to jump unless they are on a basketball court)! Besides the blood curdling screams cause the neighbors to call 9-1-1, and honestly it does not make for a good day ;)

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

John and CJ plan to hit the road the second he lands. They will drive until they can drive no more, then sleep somewhere and drive some more.


Lauren said...

I have seen that first one before too, it was a pretty scary joke, but wow what a way to handle a gun. With her finger on the trigger and everything.

kimmy said...

That video is funny :) Scary, but funny!

I will definitely post before and after pictures of the addition. I am so excited!

Good luck with registration!


Ness said...

Michael was at Scott Air Force Base near Belleville, IL. Michael said the same thing you did about not dropping him and he would rather him go away thinking what could have happened rather than dropping him.

Lisa J said...

Hey, today is your big day. Make it a great one. I hope you get your girl home safe and sound and it is the start of a wonderful new relationship.

Debbie said...

I saw the first video and was thinking of blogging's hillarious! Very mean, but funny LOL.

Those FL storms are dangerous and you be careful lady!