Monday, August 4, 2008

Law and Order

What do you do when hubby has been gone 1 week (39 more to go)? Well, Saturday I mowed and edged the lawn. Got done just before the storms came through. Washed dishes. How can one person use so many dishes? Went to the movies (by myself) and saw Wanted. I was pleasantly surprised. Sunday, I dremeled the dogs nails (all three of them, dogs that is), cleaned the refrigerator, ironed some clothes and played on the internet for awhile.

And I watched all of the Law and Order that I had DVR'd. Here is a video of what my Molly does every time she hears the theme song to Law and Order. She likes Criminal Intent the best. Be sure and pause the music so you can hear it better.

She could be sound asleep and that song will come on and she pops right up. Sometimes hubby will play it over and over just to watch her watch the TV. She will turn her head at the twangy notes. Funy dog.

So, that was my weekend. What did you do?


Lisa J said...

Aren't our four legged children just too much fun? I love the looks on their faces, I swear they are part human! Sorry hubby is gone, hopefully you won't get too lonely, and soon the new girl will be there. Can't wait. Have a great week.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Did I miss something? What did she do? Stay very still?

Hallie :)

kim-d said...

Awww, they are soooo cute! The theme music to one of our local newscasts absolutely terrifies Frankie, my boy kitty. He quick scoots under the coffee table and then low-rides out of the room as quick as possible. I wonder what it is about music that catches their attention...

And, oh my! I had a tres exciting weekend. If you wanna know all about it, you have to visit me. Hehehe..

Debbie said...

Hallie needs to quit looking at still gross photos long enough to be able to see the fine listening ability of your adorable youngins!

This is so cute. My dog Maggie used to watch TV also and I loved watching her reaction :)

You accomplished quite alot, my dear...good job! I cannot say the same about me :)

Ness said...

Hi Michelle..thanks for stopping by. Michael has called the IG this morning. He said they told him(before his call to the IG today) that they have tried 7 times to put him into the MyPay system and that they were going to try and pay him with DFAS. I appreciate all your info and will keep you posted. I LOVE Law and Order but only the SVU series. I think it's my lust for Elliott lol Have a great day!

Tonjia said...

LOL Hallie, she is grooving with the music. see her moving her head?

hmm what did I do this weekend? slept. thats about it. worked friday night, slept saturday and was a lug in the chair on Sunday. oh and did laundry and bought groceries.

Hey, I am going to get one of those Flips! thanks for bringing it to my attention, hopefully will be getting one soon!

I love your babies, keep those videos coming.

Lea said...

Love their little perked up ears and rapt attention. :)

As for the weekend:
Along with a bunch of household tasks, working and parenting... J and I reclaimed a formerly unused patch of ground and planted an all new 8x10 garden plot! (Pics on the blog) We took a bike ride Saturday eve too. I think it was Saturday, LoL

I scooped him up on my way home from work (10:15) last night and treated him to a Slurpee. Heh, it's summer and we can be spontaneous, even on a Sunday night.

Nothing, to me, beats being productive to make me a happy girl... unless it's time with my kids. THAT trumps all!