Monday, August 18, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay

As it stands right now, it appears we may be experiencing our first Hurricane tomorrow! Anybody up for a Hurricane Party? Here is a picture of storm tracker at 10am EST.
If you want to track the storm with us here is a link.
My To Do List:
Put outside furniture in garage. Don't want to have these things flying around and crashing into my sliders.
Water - Get more water from Costco
Generator (still debating on whether to buy one)
Remain calm
Yesterday Anna's boyfriend told her he was worried because there was a tornado coming to Florida. I told her "it's not a tornado" which caused her some relief. Then I told her "its a hurricane". The school systems here are great. I got a recorded phone call last night letting me know that they evaluated the situation and that schools were open today. That we would received notice tonight if schools will be closed tomorrow. Work is being great about it. If no school, no work. I will try to post updates as I get them. If I am not online tomorrow it is because I don't have power.


McMom said...

We went through a few hurricanes! We never had to evacuate though.
Tkae it seriously, they are unpredictable!!

Tonjia said...

stay safe Michelle! Dont forget to pile in lots of flashlights and zip lock bags!

we were on the beach in MD when Hurricane Isabella came through, no fun at all!

keep those puppies dry!

Ness said...

We used to live in Richmond, VA 100 miles off the coast and would get the aftermath of these hurricanes. I can't remember which hurricane, but it was within the last 5 years we were without power for 10 days. My eldest loves the excitement/thrill/whatever of a hurricane and she and her sister and her friend are on the way to Richmond and to the ocean and hoping they will see some action from this present hurricane.

I'd go with the generator, water, flashlight batteries and candles. And ready to eat food. And run water in your bathtub so you can flush the toilet. And lots of garbage bags.

Good luck. You're in my prayers.

Debbie said...

I've been thinking about you! I was wondering if I'd see a post about this. Anna is probably nervous! This is your 2nd season though isn't it? Just get prepared and hang tight. Hopefully she will just "breeze" through! ((M & A))

Lisa J said...

Ok, I will be checking on you. Fly on out to Oklahoma if you want and stay here for a few days. I have room, or will make room for you all.(and you can hold the baby!) Be safe and take care ok?
Do what they say and listen close to the instructions. I will be worried about you, but I know you will be fine. You are a smart cookie and won't take stupid chances. Still a neat thing for Anna to write home about. Her first hurricane!! That's pretty cool!!!

kim-d said...

Oh, Michelle, I feel so nervous for you guys. I've been through some bad weather but the thought of a hurricane--WHOA, that's a whole other deal! Sounds like you've got a good handle on it, though and, hopefully, it will lose its steam before it gets to you. I hope! Take care, and hope to hear from you again soon...