Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Here's to new friends

I am here today to promote a few new blogs that I stumbled upon yesterday. But first I want to answer a question that I got from Shay. "Mom, How did you get all of those friends?" I told her it started with one person and many of us here blame her for it and at the same time, we love her for it. That would be Hallie. Hallie was the first of us AF Moms to link her blog on the group. I came over and read and read and read. I spent the whole morning at work one day reading all the back blogs and really felt like I came to know her and her family. Then another mom started a blog, and another, and another. And somewhere in there I started a blog. It was a way to show case my lovely daughter and talk to people about what I do. Or don't do.

We both wondered if there is a search engine in this blogging world that allows you to search for common words and places. Does anyone know?

Now, I want to showcase 3 new blogs that I found yestderday.

The first is Rick because he came over and left a comment on my blog and gave great advice to Shay for her blog. So I went to his blog and boy am
I glad I did. Do you want a special drawing for your blog? He is the man. I have been over there lurking. From his blog I found a couple others that I think are worth checking out. Let me know what you think.

Dawn is the mother of 6, that is why her blog is mom2my6pack and she is funny. You gotta go take a look.I know I will be back.

And then I found this one, the righteous buzz. Another one that shows that life can be funny. And so real. I will be back to view hers as well.

If you are looking for something new today I recommend these with your morning diet coke. Or coffee if you are so inclined.

And I will leave you with the inclination to view My Shays Blog. She made a good dent yesterday and you will learn some things about her. Might even be things that her mother doesn't know. BWAAAAAAHAAAAHAAAA...never


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Blame me and love me? Guess that's all I can ask for!!

Hallie :)

Lisa J said...

Great, just what I need, more blogs to read!!! We are getting rain from Gustav today, are you ready for Hannah? I am going to run over and see Shay's blog now.

Rick said...

Thank Michelle - very, very kind of you to feature my blog on yours today. I'm coming up on two years (hard to believe) and I've made a bnuch of internet friends through it. We'd probably would never get together face to face, but over the internet we're buds.

I don't know if you've read it yet, but some people have really enjoyed the story I first wrote on Coffee Bean's old blog, about one of my dauhters when she was much younger.

You can find it here...

Thanks again for all the attention. I'm desperate for all the ego strokes that I can get.

Christopher's mom said...

Headed over to check out everyone's blog, but first I have to pop over to catch up with Shay.

Have a great night.

Tonjia said...

thanks for the new blog suggestions, I am going to check them all out. I also have Shays on my must read list.

thats one of the many things that I love about this blogging world, meeting new friends and reading new blogs!!

My Semblance of Sanity said...

I have made AMAZING life-long friends on blogs.

Amazing how the internet has added a new dimension to friendship circles!

(Dawn is one of those good friends!)

Lisa J said...

Oh I love your ticker counter thing. I bet you are so excited to see Shay and you will have a wonderful time. Do you have big plans already made? Will her dad get to come home any during that time?

kim-d said...

Hey Michelle, I'm baaaaaack :)! I can't wait to get on over to Shay's blog and leave her a comment. The other night I had time to hop over and take a look, but not enough time to leave my usual lengthy comment. What a cutie she is, and I'm so excited she's blogging! Isn't it absolutely amazing, the people we find just because "one thing leads to another" on these blogs? I LOVE it, and I miss it when I'm away--and I have none other than THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF WIENERS to thank for many good on-line friends, you included! Isn't it fun? Gotta go see Shay now :)...

Coffee Bean said...

Hey! I wasn't expecting to see my blog in a post when I came over to check out yours! Thanks!

Alice said...

I love that I have met so many new friends through this blogging experience.

Reddirt Woman said...

Michelle, you raised the girl right. Out for an evening's dinner and drinks and hanging with her friends and then 'got a ride home'. Just one more reason to be bustin' your buttons proud. I know you are doing 'the dance' until you get to see her. She's doing well with the blogging, too.

Have a good Sunday.