Sunday, September 7, 2008

Where did the weekend go?

I can't believe it is already Sunday. Where did this weekend go? Lets see, Friday after work I had to go to Costco. Then I came home and Anna was getting ready to go to the high school football game with some friends. (Cool). Talked to Hubby who was on his way home from Montgomery, AL. Then I drove down to Bradenton to pick up one of these.

It is a Cricut and it does amazing things. I am stepping into the world of scrapbooking and the water is deep. I found a group that does "cropping" every Friday night from 6-midnight and then every other Saturday they get together as well. Think I am going down next Friday. And I have someone I can put all the blame on. One Scrappy Chicklet! Yep, that be her. I was over there checking things out and I saw some of the pages she has created for her kids and I just had to find out how. Go on, check it out.

So, where was I? Oh, Saturday. We got up and did a few chores and we decided to do something out of my "what to do in Florida" book. Hubby picked something that was close. We were gonna go "tubing" on the Lithia Springs River. Sounds like a fun way to spend the day. Hubby goes online and figures out directions and we start driving. Couldn't find the place where you are supposed to start. Finally I tell hubby to call the number in the book. They tell us that they haven't done that for over 20 years. WTF! This book is not that old. So now what? We decided to go home, eat lunch and then go to the pool. Of course I had to send Shay a picture txt of the pool. I can be so mean. Anna's father called from Sweden while we were there. He told me he was jealous. Although when he says it it comes out helous. They are so nice. We told him that when he would be up skiing then we would be the jealous ones. I had marinaded some steak meat before we left so by 6pm it was perfect. Then for about 2 hours hubby helped Anna with her history homework. No playing Wii for us last night.

Sunday found hubby and I mowing the yard. He did the back yard and I did the front. I also did the house next door since nobody lives there. I don't want overgrown grass detracting from my nice lawn. While I was doing the front, hubby was helping Anna with the rest of her homework. Before we knew it it was time for him to start the long drive (7 hours) to Montgomery, AL. He did not want to go this time. He got choked up when he was getting in his car.

So Anna and I signed up for the Freedom Walk this coming Saturday. It should be fun. Then I am going to take Anna to visit MacDill AFB and we might head out to Disney World for a little bit in the evening.

And lastly I need to report that I joined the Blue Star Mothers Group. Anyone with a son/daughter in the military should join. I have my first meeting next weekend.

WOW, next weekend is going to be busy for me. Cropping on Friday, Walking on Saturday and a meeting on Sunday. And then, and then, the next weekend I head to Ohio! You all know I can't wait.

Hope your weekend was as nice as mine.


Annika said...

I spoke to Anna on the phone for almost an hour yesterday, It was so nice to hear her voice and that she was having a great time. Thank you for taking good care!!!!

One Scrappy Chicklet said...

BWAAAAHAAAHAAA. We have converted another one!!!! Welcome to the world of die cuts, paper addiction and lots of picture taking. I love my cricut and could not imagine a scrapbook page without it. LOL
I will take full blame for your new addiction.
I am so glad you have joined Blue Star Mother's. I wear my pin every day. Enjoy the Freedom walk, we had a great time yesterday at ours. Caution, you might want to stick a tissue in your pocket, that much patriotism in one place got to me more than once yesterday.
It great that Anna is making friends so easily.
Have a great Monday.


Kimmy said...

Looks like a busy weekend. We have been equally as busy too. My husband is traveling a lot lately, so it has just been me and the kids!


AirmanMom said...

Michelle, I'm so glad you have joined Blue Star Mothers of America.
Have a great week!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

Alice said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend...and another great weekend in store next week.

Lisa J said...

My sister in law is a member of the Blue Star Mothers group. She like so many has had a difficult time dealing with her son being in Iraq. But we did hear from him yesterday and he "says" he will be coming home in just a few more weeks. Hip Hip Hooray!!! Keep your fingers crossed. I think you will enjoy the group and the meetings.

Tonjia said...

ok so what exactly does that machine do? it looks very interesting. you know I follow your lead when you get electronic toys (flip camcorder). LOL

I have always wanted to learn to scrapbook but have never had the opportunity.

hope the week goes by fast for you, next weekend sounds fun too!

congrats to the newest blue star mom!!!

Coffee Bean said...

You'd die if you saw the state of my pictures. I have thousands... a bunch thrown into albums... and a ton of scrapbooking supplies I've yet to use for myself. I've made albums for grandparents but none for us... yet.

Reddirt Woman said...

You are going to be having too much fun with scrapbooking, and sounds like a busy, busy weekend coming up, too. We are having company this coming in from Mississippi this weekend. It will be good to have a visit and catch up with an old friend.

Have a really fun weekend.


Debbie said...

Okay. This post exhausted me. You're working, scrapping, walking, teaching, trying to tube, mowing, Blue Starring and I'm in awe. Good grief. What has happened to me. Geez. Way to to Michelle!

Enjoyed our talk and sorry I babbled so much. Maybe I should get back to blogging LOL. ((Hugs))