Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Weekend

First thing we did was attend the Freedom Walk. Here is Anna and I after the walk.

Here is one of the young walkers. I appreciate the lesson that her mother is teaching her by attending these types of events.

This one is just to make you all jealous that we had such a fantastic view and the weather was perfect.

And here is one of me presenting a Grateful American Coin to a Vietnam Veteran.

What I don't have a picture of is of the older veteran I presented a coin to while we were in the BX. He was there with his granddaughter. He gave me 2 hugs and enjoyed talking about his service and I enjoyed letting him.

So we were able to get Anna's Annual Pass for Disney at the reduced price at MacDill and off we went. I wanted to make sure she was able to exchange her ticket for the actual pass. No problems. Then we spent a few hours at Disney Hollywood Studios. We made it just in time for her to see the High School Musical Show. And Saturday was the last day for the event. Then we stayed for the Block Party Bash. That was a lot of fun too. Here are just a few shots from then.

And finally today I attended my first Blue Star Mothers Group Meeting. Somehow I got elected to the position of Financial Secretary. How did that happen on my first meeting? I think it was by default. Here is the small group of ladies so far.

I think I need to go back to work so I can get some rest. I think I should go do some laundry now. Have a good week.

Oh, Oh, Oh,...I forgot one of the best events from this weekend. Last night the Oklahoma Sooners kicked the Washington Huskies butt BIG TIME. It was a really good game.


Tonjia said...

ohhhh what fun you have been having! I love the pic of you and Anna..

Shay should be home soon shouldnt she? Please give her a hug for me.

Christopher's mom said...

Didn't you love the walk???? I am so glad Anna was able to get her pass and that she had such a great time. Way to go on the coins!!!!!
And Blue Star Mother's, does this mean we have to start calling you Madam Secretary??? Bwwwwaaaahaaaahaaaa!!!!!

Oh by the way. No he did not call.


Lisa J said...

Oh what a great posting. Sounds as if you all had a busy, but wonderful weekend. Things are going to start getting really busy for you huh? so much to do in such a little amount of time. This next month is going to just fly by. Take a deep breath and hang on!!! Yes, I love our Sooners and just hope they stay healthy, stay focused, and maybe, just maybe we will see them play for a National title shortly after the first of this next year!!!!???

Tracy said...

Thank you for particpating in the Freedom Walk..I wish we had one closer to us-maybe I will just have to start one myself for next year :) I know you are getting anxious for Shay. Congrats on the Blue Star Mom's officer position!

Have a great week!

Reddirt Woman said...

How many times have I heard "I need to go back to work so I can get some rest"? How many times have I thought that myself... lol, but after your weekend I can understand it for sure. We've had company for a couple of days and I'm worn out. And we didn't even do anything but sit around and eat and visit.

What a great time you must have had on your walk. It looked like beautiful weather. And it is always a joy to be able to thank a vet for their service. By the way, thank you, too.

I'm going back to bed for a while. Sleeping on the sofa for a couple of night tires me out.

Have a good day...


Alice said...

What a great weekend!

Kimmy said...

What a gorgeous day for the Freedom walk. Looks like Anna is having a great time!