Monday, September 1, 2008

Weekend Update

We went to the Tampa Bay Rays vs Baltimore game on Saturday. It was an early game (3:55 start time) and I thought I was doing good by getting us there an hour early. Since I had never been to the Tropicana Field I had no idea. If I ever go to another game there I know to get there much earlier.

Here is Anna trying Dippin Dots for the first time.
This is showing the field. We were actually pretty close but had to turn our heads left to see the action. I know next time (remember, if I go to another game) to get seats so that you can look straight on.
And looking back at the stadium as we were leaving.
We have to drive across the Sunshine Skyway Bridge to get home. This is a very tall bridge. It is designed so that a ship can pass underneath to get into Tampa Bay. I swear if I ever see a ship getting ready to go through..I will not drive over it.
Anna taking pictures of the bridge and water.
Well, that was our Saturday. Went out yesterday (Sunday) looking for an electronic Swedish to English Translator. They have just about every other language but not Swedish. I did find one on the Internet today that I think she is going to get.

Then yesterday evening I installed a new thermostat so that I can set the schedule for the air conditioning. Got a little worried and was just about ready to call an electrician because I could not get the thing to power on. I checked everything and even went and asked the guy across the street. But luckily I was on the phone with the gal about the coins (see link to the right) and she suggested I check out the fuse located in the unit. Sure enough! I took off the front panel on the unit in the garage and there it was, a blown fuse. Back to Lowes...Nope, they did not have what I needed. Off I go to Walmart. I had to get a whole kit to get the one I wanted but it saved me a bundle. I finally got the air conditioner running. That would have been hard to sleep with no air conditioner going. Then today I finally replaced the burners on my gas grill. It took them from April until August to get the replacements sent to me. So I guess I got my honey do list done for the weekend.


Christopher's mom said...

Sounds like a busy weekend. How did Anna enjoy the ball game?
Glad you got the A/C working. How are yall weathering the storms?


AirmanMom said...

So glad to hear you made it to a sad to hear my O's took such a beating yesterday! I'm a HUGE O's fan...have been to oodles of games at Camden Yards. I have seen the O's play in Seattle, Cleveland and am hoping to get to Yankee Stadium before it closes it's door forever! Looks as though Anna had a good time! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

Lisa J said...

You know what I admire most about this post??? You are having to take care of everything. I am so sorry that it is that way. It is hard to be married, yet have to take care of everything yourself. Really that should be more of a question rather than a statement. But I think it is really cool that you...YOU were able to fix the a/c by yourself. Good for you.

Dipping dots for the first time? What a moment and you got a picture of it!! Our exchange student had Dairy Queen Blizzard, chocolate m&m. That became her signature dessert. It still brings back great memories for me even though I have not seen a DQ in a long time. Not around here anyways.

Baseball and Apple Pie, she is in America. Looks like she had a good time too. Sounds like YOU are having a good time with her. How is school going for her? Is her homesickness subsiding any at all?
Let us know what her big holidays are will you, give us a bit of Swedish culture, that will be fun and interesting. Maybe she could do a posting for you for us!

Have a great week BACK AT WORK. I'm retired you know!

Tonjia said...

YOU, my friend, are one industrious lady! Look at you installing thermostats and stove elements. WOO HOO!

The game and the stadium looked like lots of fun, look at that sky beyond the bridge, very beautiful.

I think Anna looks like she is adjusting very well, hi Anna!!!

ed said...


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