Thursday, October 2, 2008

Finally - Pictures from my Ohio Trip

I am finally getting back on track and able to post some pictures from the Ohio Trip.

Shay and I in my room

I took Shay and her friend, Natalie, to The Melting Pot. Because Dayton still did not have power we had to drive to Cincinatti to find one. We had a good time. And now we are all on diets.

I just loved this old barn. We took a drive on Sunday afernoon and this is what we saw.

We met John. His mom is airman mom and I asked if we could take him out to lunch. We went to the Olive Garden and spent a couple of hours just talking about stuff. He is a nice boy. This is Shay and John.

Here is Me and John.

Sunday night there was a Graduation Dinner of sorts at the Red Robin and I got to meet Ava. Ava was born on September 16th (or maybe it was the 17th). Her momma was in Shays basic training flight and they continued on to Tech School and their Internship together.

Isn't she a cutie? She was over 8lbs (OUCH)

Here are the graduating students. A1C Burgess (momma), Amn Cardwell, A1C Shay, A1C Fuller and A1C Johnson. Congratulations to all of you!

This is me getting to pin Shay with her Medical Tech Pin. I askaed if I could do blood pinning but they said "this is not the Army".

Last picture of Wright Patterson taken from the side vewi mirror. See the plane?

This is what I saw when I looked in the passengers seat. I know she is there because I see her hands.

Do you see this? This is something that no driver wants to see when they are on the freeway. The car is not moving. We sat like this for about 15 minutes before we started moving again. Did not have any trouble after that.

Thanks for letting me share these with you. I will be posting some more pictures from our Halloween at Disney. I am sure you can't wait.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Awesome pics!! I love them all. Shay looks amazing. (and her mom isn't half bad either!)

Hallie :)

AirmanMom said...

michelle...It looks as though you made some beautiful memories! I'm so glad you are at a place where posting these pictures is possible!
Shay is an amazing young woman and you are such a good mom!
Enjoy your precious time together!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

Lea said...

I don't think you could look happier or more proud. Good going, Momma!

Shay's just gorgeous. Like mother like daughter.

Super pics. Keep 'em comin!

Lisa J said...

Oh I loved seeing your pictures, and I loved seeing how happy you are. You were just beaming. The Melting Pot is where I am thinking about taking my husband for our Anniversary??? What do you think? You sure clean up mighty nice there lady!!!

Tonjia said...

I LOVE your pictures, always! I think Shay looks completely awesome in her Blues.

Wasnt it a thrill to pin her pin on? I am so jealous. Hopefully some day 2nd Lt Breanna will get back in her Blues. (after commissioning back in after 4 yrs of college)

I have never heard of The Melting Pot but if you guys drove all the way to Cincinnatti it must be good.

Sage said...

Hey proud mama! Thanks for finally posting pictures of Shay's graduation. It must have been a very special time to be able to pin her. Keep making memories.... and sharing them with us via pictures.

Christopher's mom said...

WOOOHOOOO You are back. I missed you. Great pictures. John is such a cutie (hey Shay did you notice John is a cutie???? LOL) and what a sweet lil baby. And I would do anything to be young and have the legs that Shay is sporting. (keep the gym time up girly, you are rockin them shorts.)

Have a great weekend.

McMom said...

Thanks for sharing!!

kim-d said...

Loved the pix, Michelle, and I personally can't wait for more. Shay is an absolutely beautiful young woman (although we already knew that), and she looks wonderful in her uniform!

I am SO happy that everything has turned out that you're able to spend this time together without hassles. In fact, SO happy that I'm thinking of swinging by to pick up Tonjia and then we'll meet you at The Melting Pot. Okay? BWAHAHAHA! I followed your link and took a look at the place online, and I'm ready to hop a plane to try it out!

I'll be waiting for the Disney pix!

Debbie said...

Almost can't tell who's the Mom and who's the daughter! I agree, you sure clean up good! These are great photos of wonderful memories you'll treasure for a life time. I'm so thankful you were able to be there with her! (Even with chaos going on back at the homefront).

Yes, I am also looking forward to more! Post on, my girl!! Maybe I'll do the same :)

Alice said...

Love the pics and I know you are one proud Momma! Y'all are a beautiful family.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

My phone obviously loves you. Hope youre ok with that!!

Your comment today about your ears cracked me up!

Hallie :)