Saturday, October 18, 2008

Off We Go....

Today is the day we depart on our long journey. Our tavels have us stopping in Montgomery, Alabama tonight. I am dropping off the 2 other dogs (Binde and Brutus) with my husband. He has had Molly for the last week already. She sure is missing her dubbies and I am sure they are missing her.

Tomorrow we will end up in St. Louis, MO. We are actually staying in lodging at Scott AFB. Very Cheap!!

Monday I think we end up in Sioux Falls. That is one of our longest days. But the next day makes up for it. Since there is so much to see in that area we are only making it to Ellsworth AFB (again staying in lodging).

Wednesday we make it to Billings, MT where we will stay with friends. I am hoping to make it in time to attend karate class with him. Mike is one of our black belts from Seattle who moved to Montana. He started s karate class at the local YMCA. He works for Boeing and he gets to work from home. He travels to Seattle about once a month. Him and his wife, Denice, opened a Pizza Parlor so I am hoping to get to try that out.

Thursday we will arrive in Spokane and stay in lodgin at Fairchild AFB. And then Friday morning Shay will get her dorm keys, we will unload the car with what stuff we won't need for the next week and then head to Seattle. We will stay in Seattle through Halloween and then on Novemeber 1st we head to Portland for a big karate even. Many of our friends are testing for their first level black belt and a bunch of others are going for their 5th level. And there are some in between.

Sunday has us traveling back to Spokane where Shay reports on Monday and I fly back to Tampa. WOW! I am tired just thinking about it. When all is said and done we will have driven over 4000 miles. That is not counting any driving that is done while we are in Seattle.

We plan (hope) to take lots of pictures and hopefully will have computer access each night so we can post/blog about our journey.

Wish us luck and safety in our journey. (Shay got a speeding ticket yesterday on the way home from Costco :-))



Debbie said...

OMG. Wow. Geez. I need a nap. You have been on my mind so much and I forgot you were leaving so soon.

You both are going to have a ball, and I wish I could go. It sounds tiring, but absolutely wonderful!

My prayers are going out for you both to have fun and stay safe.

And of course. Take pictures.

Reddirt Woman said...

Dang, Michelle... that made me tired just reading you itinerary. Travel prayers are with you and Shay.

If you get this in time, you and Shay get over and leave me a comment. I'm having my first ever give-away. I'm celebrating my 50th post, so get on over here and get in on it. It will end at noon (CST) Sunday.

Safe travels...


Lisa J said...

Michelle, you all be CAREFUL. Don't speed, there is no need for it, and you will be safer. Please please please wear your seat belt ALL the time. And just let the idiots pass you by. It sounds as if you all will have a really nice time and like Debbie, I wish I was going with you too. We could have taken turns driving!!! I will look forward to your posting as you travel and hope that your journey not only brings you great memories, but closer to each other. What a journey! See you soon in bloggy land. Be safe.

Tonjia said...

wow that is a long trip! I wish you luck, and a safe journey and cheap gas prices!

keep us posted on how things go, I can hardly wait to see pics.

AirmanMom said... wishes for a memorable adventure...I love road trips-so much to see!
Godspeed to Shay!
I look forward to checking in on you as you travel cross country!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

One Scrappy Chicklet said...

Stay safe on your journey and have a great time. I will be checking in each night to see your progress.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Btw, anytime you can get your butt up here, I promise we will party like it's 1999!!

Hallie :)