Sunday, October 26, 2008

We arrived in Seattle

But before we did we had to go through Idaho.

But then we arrived in Washington.

We arrived at Fairchild AFB and checked into our room and then drove to the local mall. Could not find anything there so we went downtown to Nordstroms. Shay LOVES Nordstroms.

Friday morning we went to the clinic to meet with Shays sponsor. Her sponsor had told her that she did not need to be in uniform but when we got to the lab she said that Shay needed to be in uniform. Shay was not reporting for duty. She only wanted to sign for her dorm room so we could unload the car. So out to the car to search for all of her uniform stuff. Which uniform to wear? I said she should just put on her ABU's but she wore her B's. Anyway, she got a short tour of the lab and then I got to meet her supervisor and sponsor. It is nice to meet the people who will be running her life for awhile. Then we went and she signed for her dorm room. We went to check it out and there wasn't a bed or a refrigerator and it was very dirty. So back to the office to get a different room. This one was clean and had everything. I did not get pictures though. I promise to get pics when we go back there next week. We finally unloaded the car, checked out of our room and headed to Seattle.

We passed over these.

Today I spent helping my brother clean and Shay went with friends to lunch and now she is out for the night at a party. My brother and I went to some friends house for dinner and now I am sitting here watching SNL and updating this blog.

Thanks for keeping up with our journey this week. It has helped to make time go faster by sharing it with you all.

Lastly, GO SOONERS!!!


Sage said...

Hubby was stationed at Fairchild when we got married, however, a month later we got orders for Dow in Maine, so I never had a chance to really know Fairchild. I've never been to Seattle though, so I am jealous! Enjoy the remaining time you have with Shay. What a wonderful trip you've had.

AirmanMom said...

It's so good to hear you and Shay have safely arrived in Washington! Seattle is truly one of my favorite cities!
Enjoy the rest of your time with Shay.
Godspeed, Shay!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

Tonjia said...

glad to hear you guys made it to Seattle safely! I hope Shay enjoys her time at Fairchild, will this be a 2 yr assignment?

Lisa J said...

I want to go there with you....have I said this enough times yet on your postings???? It is so cool that you have had this opportunity. Looks like all is going well, I bet you are bone tired. And yes, go Sooners,they did in fact pull it off again. But did you see how good OSU did with Texas??? OU had better watch out next month!

Lea said...

SOunds like you're having am amazing time! I envy you this road trip with your baby girl.

It may only be ND, but I think about heading to work one day and passing it by... only to end up in Minot! *sigh*

Hugs to you and Shay,