Sunday, October 26, 2008

G'Day Mates

I can officially say that now. As of October 10, 2008 my brother and I are Australian Citizens. It just so happened that the certificates arrived in the mail yesterday, at my brothers address. Isn't that cool? Here is my certificate.

We are so excited. Now we can get our Australian Passports. Whoo Hoo.
We went to Alki for breakfast this morning. There is this cafe that is famous for it's omelets. There is always a line on the weekends and one person cannot finish one omelet by themselves. The weather was fantastic although a little windy. I think this guy is crazy.

But this to die for. Isn't it lovely?

After we were done Shay and I went to the offleash park where friends were having a French Bulldog Costume Meetup. Nothing is cuter than a Frenchie in a costume.


Lisa J said...

Man, that is some beautiful scenery. I say, I must put that on my "to do" list!!! I bet the dogs were thrilled to go for a run too. Have fun, when are you coming home???

Lisa J said...

What IS your friends' dog wearing???

AirmanMom said...

Beautiful the pix of the Seattle skyline taken from the Washington State Ferry?
Australian citizen? Very cool!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

Sage said...

Michelle, what's the story behind this Australian citizenship? I'm fascinated with Australia. I'm guessing you're glad to be at your destination and happy to get off the highways.

Blessings on the road ahead.

Reddirt Woman said...

So now you have dual citizenships!! Australia and New Zealand are places I wished I would have been able to go and wander around. If I win the lottery I would still go. The only thing as cute as a Frenchie in costume is a miniature schnauzer in costume. But as for the scenery, I agree, it is wonderful.

Safe travels, you'll soon be home.


Christopher's mom said...

This is wonderful news. Now you will get to take your trip to Australia. I know you are overjoyed.

Tonjia said...

congratulations!! Its nice to see that you two are having so much fun.