Monday, June 2, 2008

Where has the time gone?

I can't believe that I have been so negligent to not have posted since May 24th. Where was I? So last I posted Shay was here. We were just hanging out watching tv and being together. Sunday found us heading to Ft DeSoto Beach. It is a really nice beach and we got there early enough (1030is) that we were able to rent an umbrella to sit under. I swear I was timing myself and was not out in the sun that much but I got such a bad sunburn. Mainly it was on my face (forhead and nose) and my chest. You know the area where your breasts seperate and your stomach starts? Ouch! I was in pain pretty much all week. Could not wear makeup and took my sun lotion to work with me so I could lather up often. I was so worried because we were going to Ft Lauderdale this past weekend. So, back to Sunday of Shays visit. After the beach we showered and dressed and went to The Cheesecake Factory as a sort of early celebration of Shays B-Day. Then Shay and I went and saw Baby Momma. Very cute and funny movie. Monday found us hanging around, doing laundry and then going to the airport. Shay still has not sent me any of the pictures that we took so I can't post any.

This past weekend found us driving to Ft. Lauderdale, FL to meet hubbies cousins. 2 of them (and spouses) came from Tulsa and the other lives in Jacksonville, FL. With their kids we had a total of 13 people there. We had a great time. Hubby made blender drinks using fresh mangos, coconut milk, and Tequila. He added other stuff too. But the best was made with fresh pineapple, juice, rum and curacao (sp). All were blended with ice to make a creaming drink. So we drank and played poker on Friday. Many of the group had never played any type of poker before so it was hilarious. Saturday we packed up everyone and went to the beach. By this time by sunburn was pealing in places so I had to be extra careful. I must say I like the beaches on the west coast of Florida better but the waves on the east coast are fantastic. We were body surfing and playing in the surf. All was good until one of the young cousins got stung by a jelly fish. At least that is what we think it was. What else in the ocean would sting like that? So off mom and dad went to the drugstore to get some benedryl so the rest of us packed things up and headed back to the resort. That night found the kids eating delivered pizza and the adults going to a nice restuarant. Sunday came too soon and some had to catch flights back to Tulsa, the others started their drives back to Tulsa and Jacksonville and hubby and I headed home to Tampa. Puppies seemed to survive their first weekend with the awesome dog/house sitter.

Here are the 4 cousins. They have always posed this way since they were little. The last time that all 4 were together was in 1986.

Here is a very bad one of all of us. The cousins and the outlaws!

And this is of Brian and posing with his favorite beverage.

I will end for now but I already know what I need to post about next.....Shays 21st B-Day!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Glad you're back to posting. I've missed you! Love the pics.

Contest at WWoW if you are bored! :)


Debbie in NC said...

Well it seems you are having too much FUN to post LOL!! I am just extremely jealous here with you having a choice of like TWO coasts? 1986 is a long time for them all to be apart! I'm glad you all had such a good time :)

Sorry about the "burn". My first time out is the same way. David just got over his...but is headed to Daytona for a week Saturday.

Shay 21! Please give her a belated Happy Birthday for me! Can you believe they are that old?

I loved the pics and you look too young to have a 21 year old!!!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Yeah, I know the URL will stay the same but maybe the percentage of freaks would lessen just a smidge?


Lisa J said...

Oh what a wonderful time you are having. We still need to get together to talk about your Tulsa bunch. Wouldn't it be funny if they knew my family since my cousins go to school at Berryhill? I hope and pray the 21st birthday goes good and more importantly SAFE. It seems when 21 hits kids think they can drink like there is no tomorrow. And sometimes there is no tomorrow, so that age always scares me. I hope she will be safe and SMART. I am so glad you are back, love the pics and love the stories. Now you are off to the airport again for more fun, you lucky dog you!