Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I wanted to cry

I was so angry and upset I wanted to cry. A once in a lifetime event did not go as I had planned. As you know, Shay celebrated her 21st B-Day on Saturday. I wanted to do something really special so I ordered some yellow roses. 2 dozen to be exact. Only I told them I only wanted 21 of them. Get it? I was willing to pay for all of them but only wanted the 21 delivered. Since we are members of USAA we get a discount on flowers and I have always used USAA to order my flowers. Only I could not make changes. Either I would get 1 dozen or 18. So I called the number and the gal told me to order 2 - 1 dozen orders and put my special instructions in the area provided. Sounded good to me so I did. I even had them send a md stuffed animal so she would have something for keeps. I wanted them to be delivered to her at the hospital. Basically, I wanted everyone she works with to know that it was her birthday. So she was at her station in the lab talking with another airman and their supervisor, TSgt Simons came up behind her and said he needed to see her in his office. Well, both of them are saying "oh crap" and wondering what she did to be in trouble. Why do you always have to be in trouble when called to the supervisors office? Well, she followed him and they stepped into his office and then he turned and said "I think these are for you" and gave her the roses. She told him her mom was a dork. She called me after work and thanked me for the flowers and I asked her if she counted them because there was 21 of them. She counted and said, Nope only 12. I was upset but there really was nothing I could do at that point. On Monday I called Telefloral and asked the girl to look at my order and tell me what she saw (I gave her my confirmation number). She said she saw 1 dozen yellow roses. I told her I had a confirmation sheet for 2 orders of 1 dozen roses. Then she has the audacity to ask me if I wanted the other dozen delivered. Now why would I want that? Like I said, it was a once in a lifetime event that had missed its moment. This is why I wanted to cry. I remember when my mother was out of the country for my 18th birthday I received 18 yellow roses. I thought that was so special and wanted to share that with my daughter. So that has been my week so far. Oh, and they called me on my way home from work and said that the local florist shows that they delivered both orders. I told her no they didn't and I had a whole medical lab at the hospital that could verify that. They are going to refund me for the order not received and 50% off the first order. Still does not make up for the missed event. I am done venting and will let this go now. Thanks


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Let it go momma...you still did an awesome thing and I know Shay loved them. DOn't beat yourself up for what you can't control.

Jeez, why is that so easy for me to say to someone else but not to myself?

Hallie :)

Lisa J said...

You know what? If you had not told her she would probably had thought you meant to send her a dozen of beautiful yellow roses. It may not have been what you wanted, but you remembered her and made her feel special. That is what's important. BUT....being the person that "I" am, I would have been devestated too. When we put so much effort into something and feel we have covered all the bases why is it someone else has to come along and mess it up. That is sooooo frustrating. I am so sorry for "your" pain, but please know she had a perfect birthday while with you!
p.s. those people whose names you left on my blog...they are my cousin's kids coach!!!! And the wife works/worked (?) with my cousin at the Williams Company And Jill says wonderful things about them. The boys love the coach but I heard he was leaving the school??? I can not believe how small the world really is. Isn't that just too funny?

Try to have a good day and a GREAT weekend! Thought....get your daughter a beautiful piece of simple jewelry for her 21st b-day and give it to her IN PERSON this weekend for her special b-day gift. It will look as if that was your plan the whole time. But make it something she will keep forever. Even if it cost you a little more than you really wanted, it is something that will last a very long time. If not jewelry, then something else that would be valued by her. I got my daughter diamonds ..16th, 18th and 21st. She has them all and loves them. She is 24 and her next big diamond better come from a really nice guy...know any?

Debbie in NC said...

Oh Michelle, that sucks. Especially to us that are big on tradition. I'm sure Shay loved the effort and I know she totally loves her Mom! I hope she had a great birthday! ((Michelle))

Lisa had some good ideas!

Tonjia said...

I know it was a disappointment to you, but Shay loved them all the same!

I do hate it though when I order something and it isnt delivered as ordered. they should have given them to you for free..