Sunday, June 29, 2008

A new look

So I was busy yesterday. I got up and did laundry, while I swept the floors. We only have carpet in the 2 guest rooms so I have to sweep all the floors. Then I had to mop the floors. In the meantime I had to mow the lawn and edge the grass. I could not get the blower to work so I did not get to clean up the grass. In this 'hood' you can get fined for not cleaning up your grass clippings off the sidewalk. Not sure I want to live in a neighborhood that has CDD and HDD and whatever dd again. It is nice that we only pay $120.00 a year and we get a pool and garbage twice a week. Not bad for a 120 bucks. So anyway, as I as saying, yesterday I also gave all three of the dogs baths. Brutus loves it AFTER his is done. He gets so playful. Molly slinks away and thinks if she looks out the door I won't see her and then Binde is just Binde. I sit in the big shower on a stool so I can give them baths. It beats bending over the tub. So after they are done I just take a shower myself. I was pretty wiped for the night.

Today, I finished laundry and the dogs room. All of their bedding needed washing and the floors cleaned as well. I made the Sunday drive to Costco to pick up a few things and then when hubby got home we had to take the Envoy to the dealership. All of the beeps and whistles were going off today. I stopped for gas and when I started it up again none of the gauges were working. I did not know how much gas I had, how fast I was going, the temp of the engine, etc. On Star was not able to tell me much. Yup, the computer is not talking to each other. Duh!!

So, this is what you get from me. I did not go anywhere this weekend that was fun like Debbie who went to the lake. I did not have my airman home for his birthday like Hallie did. And I did not get my airman home like Lea did. Both mom's had their Airman arrive for extended visits. CJ is home from Hurlburt Field in Florida and V is home from Vandenberg after completing her Tech School. She is home for a few weeks and then reports to Minot for her first duty assignment. We all wish her well.

It appears that Hallie must have had a great time yesterday because Kim-D was telling her not to take her hangover out on her. Wow, Hallie. Did BK take care of you or what?

I still plan to post pictures from the wedding a month ago and Key West last weekend. Gotta get the camera working and gotta get the kiddo to send me the ones from the wedding. I did take pictures of the guest room that Anna will be staying in. I need to send them to her so she know what her room will look like. Good thing I cleaned this weekend!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Yeah!!! You blogged!! Kim-D is spreading vicious rumors about me - I was NOT hungover - all I drank was Diet Coke! She's just trying to be snotty and lie cuz she didnt get to come to the party :)


Tonjia said...

Sorry Shay didnt get to come home Michelle, I know how much you would love to see her.

whats this I hear about Hallie gettng polluted and having a HUGE hangover? did you hear that too??? LOL

Debbie said...

Yes, I heard Hallie got drunk and hula hooped NEKKID!!!!

Gosh girl, are you nesting or what? Geez, all that cleaning! I know, when the bug hits, you get it all done at once, like me. You have a pool? where you live? Sigh...

Ugh..mowing. That has to be done this evening or tomorrow. We got enough rain I can't do it this a.m. It's high in the back and dead in the front.

I forgot you have 3 dogs and I like the shower idea!

Can you reboot a car? LOL LOL. Not funny...can get expensive. I hope you have a VERY short work week. Taking any time off? I hope so! You need the rest :)

Debbie said...

Okay, Ms. Hallisicle has totally grossed me out today!!!

Michelle said...

I get my Shay on Thursday. She arrives at 8pm and departs on Sunday. I will survive!!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...





Lisa J said...

Ok, that is a LOT of work you did. I used to do the same thing with the dogs, much easier, now I am back to bathing them in the tub for we have a detachable shower head that I love using on them. I have to get busy too getting ready for the 4th, not that I will have any overnight guest now that my son and dil are not coming. But I am watching the weather and it looks like a high of only 87 on the 4th!!! and maybe rain.. but I bet by the time it is night there will be no rain. The only sad part is the kids like to play in the water on the 4th and it won't be real hot. Oh well, kids will play no matter what. I have to make a grocery list and go get last minute things, start cooking the brisket, and MOP my floors. That will wait till the day of the party, no sense in doing it twice this week ha ha ha!!! Sorry about the car, last Sept. I bought a new Honda Accord, I HATE IT!!!! The gas mileage SUCKS and the noises are horrible. Have taken it back to the shop a couple times and it needs to go again. I am sick of the rattles and noises in this NEW car. Well better run, have a great week.

Michelle said...

I am not taking Hallie off my favorite list. She was my first and will always be my favorite. I just need to make sure that I am not eating or drinking when I start reading her blogs!

Lea said...

Hey Michelle!
I'm enjoying the heck outta having V here. Last night was another bonfire (in our backyard) - after the parade and the pool and a BBQ.
The kid's exhausting me!!
I'm so behind I see that Shay's there. Have a wonderful time and hug the stuffin' outta her a little for me too.