Monday, June 9, 2008

What a weekend we had

We had a great weekend in Arizona (Phoenix to be exact). I arrived on Thursday and met up with the "girls" at the nail salon. After spending 2 hours watching them all get their nails and toes done we met the rest of the family for dinner. Shay arrived early on Friday morning and we proceeded to head to Macy's to pick up our wedding gift. The bride and groom got almost everything on their registry at Macy's! Then we headed to the reception site to help set up the tables. That evening was the rehearsal and then dinner at the grooms families home. Saturday had me up early trying to find a Joanns so I could buy some purple thread and beads so I could fix the brides Grandmothers dress. She had bumped into something and tore the thread that was hold the beeds on the edge of the sleeve. She just asked if I could secure the rest of the thread so she did not lose all th beads. Not good enough for me. I found some bead that matched pretty good and then re-beaded her sleave. (I am the best after all). Next Shay and I went searching for bubbles. The grooms mother dropped the ball and announced Friday night that she did nto get the bubbles. 2 stops at Party City and then 1 at Michaels where we finally found the right wedding bubbles. Next we head to the brides home to pick up Lori (The brides mother (Tina) and I have been friends for 32 years and I am the brides Godmother but Lori has been friends with Tina since they were 4 years old). Anyway, off to Costco to get meat and cheese platter and fruit to make food trays to go in the Bride and Groom Ready Rooms at the church. Finally got them made and delivered and back to the hosue to shower and get ready. Got the Grandmother to the church just in time to be excorted down the isle. And not 10 minutes before the wedding actually started. Phew!!! It was a very nice service and I only cried a little. After the family stayed to do photos and then we headed to the reception. Fun time was had by all. Lots of dancing and such. After Bride and Groom left things ended and then we packed up evertying to take back to the house. Ended up Shay and I got to bed around 1:45 and had to get up at 4:15 to catch flights. Shays was at 6am and mine was at 8am. She just made her flight and did not get time for coffee and a bagle. Poor thing. I on the other hand had time for a Diet Coke and a Bagle. Then we were told that all flights in and out of Denver were cancelled. It took about an hour and we were finally able to leave. Shays flight from Chicago to Dayton was cancelled and when I landed in Denver she was freaking out. She was not sure when they were going to get her out on another flight and was worried that she would be late for work today. They finally routed her to St. Louis and then to Dayton and she got home about 3 hours later than she was scheduled. I ended up getting home at the exact time I was scheduled. I just did not have as long a wait in Denver as I originally was supposed to. Can you say exhausted? That is how I feel today. Shay has lots of pictures on her camera and again I wait for her to send them to me. Will post them as I get them.

Sorry to hear that everyone in the midwest is having such terrible weather. It is hot, humid and stormy in Florida. Thunder cracked so close to the car yesterday that I thought we got hit. Hubby and dogs glad to see me (always a nice feeling) and now hubby is off to Alabama for the week. This is the prep week for the 10 month school he will be going to in July.

We were having problems with the High School not wanting to take in our exchange student. They said they were capped and could not take any out of district students. The principal called me on Thursday and said the district lifted their cap so they can take her now. Now I just hope the one we selected is still available! Wish me luck. I will keep ya posted.


Debbie in NC said...

Okay..Wow..tired just READING about your adventure! Gosh, you were running. But, you were with your girl, so enjoyment had by both :)

I'm glad you both made it home safely and I do look forward to pics. You hear that Shay!!

Also, great news on your student. I know how much it will mean to you to have some company while hubby is away. Dogs can only do so much :)

Remember...I'm always here for ya!

Tonjia said...

ohhh first, good luck with getting your exchange student, that sounds so exciting!

second, what a whirlwind your weekend was!! weddings are always fun but SO stressful.

why were the flights in and out of Denver cancelled?? weird.

welcome home Michelle!

Lisa J said...

Oh my goodness. I hope Shay made it to work on time and was able to keep her eyes opened. Can't wait to see the pictures and hear more of your trip. But get some rest first.
I have had a couple exchange students, one good experience one bad. I think your will be a great experience. Hope it all goes well.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Good idea about the cake. But what's cross? Did you mean gross? You wrote cross twice!!

Hallie :)

(love to give you a hard time!)

Lisa J said...

Hey, I don't have your email,so email me to get it ok??? What is up with you being sick? You have just been out having way tooooo much fun huh? Drop me a line would you? thanks