Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My First Blogging Award

I have received my very first blogging award. Debbie gave it to me and it means so much to me. Thank You Debbie!!!! Not that I am anywhere near the blogger that she has come to be. She does amazing things with her blog.

Now, I guess I am supposed to pass it on but who am I going to give it to? She gave it to most of the blogs I read already. I just learned how to link so yeah me.

  • Hallie - I know she gets a ton of awards but she is so deserving. She does not have to duplicate her award giving (unless she wants to) since she was given this award at the same time. But Hallie is just an amazing blogger and Air Force Mom.

  • Blender Kimmy - BFF of Hallie and one of the bogs I enjoy reading and she blogs like a real mom....very sporadically!!

  • Lisa - I found her through Debbie. She is a retired Police Officer (I always wanted to be one) and we have come to find out we have people in common in Tulsa.

  • Lauren - Another blog I found through Debbie. Lauren is in the Army in Iraq an dif anybody is Blogging with a Purpose it would be a soldier in Iraq. Go by and see her sometime and tell her I said HI.

I reserve the right to send out my 3 other awards at another date and time.

Have a great day!!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

My head is now HUGE!!! Two of my most favorite AF mom's gave me the same award.

Which means you like me...you really, really like me!!

And I'm so very happy cuz I really like you too.

Congrats on the award and the newly discovered linking talent!!

You rock!!

Hallie :)

kimmy said...

Thank you so much for the award! It is nice to know that there are people out there who take the time to read it and then, so graciously, leave me an award!

I will be sure to mention you and this awared next time I blog!

Thank you!


kimmy said...

I just realized that you are stationed at Wright-Patterson AFB!

My sister and her husband were stationed there three years ago. They are at Hanscom AFB in Massachusetts right now, but they will most likely PCS back to Wright-Patterson in February!

Talk soon!


Debbie said...

Lawdy mercy, the girl can link now! I just figured the right way a couple of weeks ago LOL.

Hon, you WORK all day. I don't, remember that...I sit and play :)and I'm poor!

Your post is fabulous today and I agree with all your choices cause they're favorites of mine too!

P.S. We can't let Hallie brag on hula hooping UNTIL we see a video...now you go and tell her that too ROFL

Tonjia said...

Congrats Michelle!! great choice of bloggers to bestow the award on...

Lea said...

Hey there blog-woman! Wow, you've kicked it into gear here! Very cool.

Pics from the wedding are nice and Shay looks great. I want to see more! :)

and btw, all the pics on my blog that are my photos... are taken with my cell phone! LOL

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

There will be hula hooping evidence released only if I get a PRADA bag in return!


Sage said...

Michelle, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for commenting. I have been very lax in my blogging recently, but hope to get back in the grove.

Thank you for telling me about your experience with GBM and for confirming for me that we are making the right move. Brain cancer doesn't give you many choices, does it.

And as I read over your blog a bit, I find that you retired from the AF. So did my husband, many years ago though. And last year we spent a couple of weeks at the FamCamp on the AF base in Dayton. I found a coffee shop with wireless so I was able to blog!

Thank you again for commenting on my blog. I'll be back to your blog again!


Lauren said...

Thank you so much! My first ever tag from Tonjia a few days ago, and now an award. I believe my head may have expanded a few inches too. I'm glad to hear that someone is enjoying reading my blogs as much as I enjoy writing them. Thanks again.