Tuesday, January 8, 2008

An Airmans Room

Here are a few pictures of Shays Dorm Room at Wright Patterson. At least what it looked like right before I left on Sunday. Who knows what it looks like now!!

This view if from the door and shows the full bed on the right, sink and microwave over in the corner and her wall locker. The door there leads to the shared bathroom.

This was taken from beside the bed and shows the easy chair and dresser.

Dresser on the right and Media Cabinet on the left. She did bring her TV and it is behind the closed doors.

Front door and desk on the left.

So now she says that they said that they probably won't have to share a room but the still will have to move. Stay tuned for the ever changing story of "This day in the Air Force".


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Looks a lot like CJ's tech school room at Lackland - except his room had a full size fridge, too!


Debbie said...

Good grief how things have changed! A full size bed and CJ had a full size fridge! These are bigger than David's room was at App State and with a shared bath? LOL do they still have "latrines"? What happened to floors you had to mop? I learned how to use the buffer in the one female bathroom in the hall by banging it against stalls and washer!