Wednesday, January 16, 2008

How often do you talk to your kids?

Yesterday I mentioned to my co-workers that I talk to my daughter a few times per day and we text just as much and they could not believe it. It actually came about becuase I said soemthing like "I just talked to Shay and..." and then they said "how often do you talk to her?"

So I am asking, do you think that is too much? She will call me on her way to work and then sometimes she will call at lunch time and of course after work and perhaps even before she goes to bed. I like it! I so missed those calls while she was in basic. I almost could not function for those 6 1/2 weeks.

I have been copying some photos off her lapttop before I send it to a friend to "wipe" it clean for me and thought I would share a couple here with you.

Best Buds

Getting done to her what she will be doing to others

Doing something in the lab

The young airmen picture above are: A1C Sarah Burgess (first photo), Cardwell (second photo) and Fuller (third photo). They call themselves the "Fab Four" and have been together since August at Sheppard AFB.

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