Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Hubby, Happy Birthday to you!!

Today is hubby's birthday. His father sent him an ecard. I am trying to attached it here. It would not let me copy and paste but here is what it said.


Name withheld to protect ME, 10 months old. You don't realize until much later just how great those times were. I wish you the very best and happiest birthday ever and I love you very much. Love Dad.

Isn't that sweet? So what did I get him you ask? Nothing. Well I did get him a card. We are at the stage in life where we have agreed not to spend money on gifts for Christmas or birthdays. Besides, I need new tires and so does the truck. Also, I am leaving for Australia in a week and need some money for that. But we did go to dinner on Sunday for both our birthdays (mine was last week).

I was looking around on my Karate Organizations site and found a picture of me from last year. I was refereeing a Karate Match in Oregon. Aren't I cute in my suit?
Now for an update on the daughter. After all this is Shays Mom Blog. They were told yesterday that they have to move dorms. She is currently on the second floor and has to move to the building across from her and will be on the third floor. I am happy that they are giving them through the weekend to move everything. Now they will have two twin beds (instead of one standard) but they won't be getting room mates. So I guess they all push the beds together to make a king size bed. I just ordered one of those things that you use to convert 2 twins into a king and she has to get new sheets too. She will have to make due with her standard size electric blanket and comforter!
It is still cold in Ohio. I think it was 23 this morning but only 18 yesterday morning. I think it is supposed to be sunny tomorrow so they can move their stuff without being snowed on. All of the kids in her class will be on the third floor in rooms right next to each other.

I went to the Brandon Kennel Club Meeting last night. I found out that one of my favorite Conformation Judges passed away on Monday. A sad day for the dog world indeed.

Back to work. Have a safe one.


Tonjia said...

You are looking pretty impressive in that referee's outfit Michelle!! I didnt know you were going to Australia! that sounds like so much fun, have safe and wonderful trip. we will of course need updates and pictures added to the blog..

I hope Shay stays warm in that cold weather!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

CJ leaves for Florida tomorrow and then has 3 days of parachute survival training in Pensacola. On Friday he heads to Hurlburt Field which is where he will be stationed for the next 6 years. He's a bit nervous but will most likely do just fine! :-)