Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I am such a bad blogger

So today is Tuesday and I missed blogging over the weekend. What did I do that kept me from blogging? Well, Saturday and Sunday I was at the Brooksville Dog Show. I missed entering Bindi but I had volunteered to man the French Bulldog Village Rescue Group tent. The whole time I was there I only sold one thing! Except of course the things that I bought for myself. I hav ebeen pretty busy at work catching up from the time I was out for Christmas. My husband is still out of town in Virginia so it is just me and the dogs. Have you seen my dogs? Check them out at www.2StarsFrenchBulldogs.com

Even though I did not show Bindi I have great news from the Dog Show in Puyallup, WA. Bindi;s brother Norman finished and is now Champion 2Stars Lorage de Normandie. I am so excited. He is such a great looking boy. I will have to post a photo when the owners send me one. My co-breeder is the handler on him an she called to tell me about all the compliments she got for him. She said that he is as close to being a perfect speciman of a French Bulldog as there can be. If she had to fault him it would be his lighter colored nose. Nothing a little makeup can't hide.

What is new with my Airman? I am so proud of her. She made a goal that she was going to go the gym every day after work/school and has stuck to that and she is eating really healthy. Said she lost 5 pounds already. She is really liking the work but actually said she missed Sheppard AFB. Of course, when she was at Sheppard she could not wait to leave. A couple of them went driving around this weekend to get acquainted with the surrounding area. She said she found a neat area kind of like a "commons" that has restuarants, and english pub, shops, etc. Yesterday the newbies were in briefings all day and finished up around 2pm. Instead of goofing off (like a cople fo the others) she went back to the lab to report for duty. Her supervisor walked through the lab and did a double take that she was there. I told her when in doubt always do the right thing. I am sure the others will be called out for not coming back to work.

Anyway, she inspired me with her going to the gym that after I took the dogs for a walk I got on the treadmill myself. It is not as enjoyable as going to the gym but I am proud that I did it.

Ok, I gots to go. Need to finish up a couple of things at work before I leave for the day. I will try to write again tomorrow.


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