Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Weekend Catch Up

Well, after Fridays big win for Norman the rest of the weekend did not fair so well. I am told he showed like a pro (that he is) but that judges must hav ebeen looking for something else. Besides beautiful?

Bindi won her class on Sunday (Bred By Exhibitor) but did not get the points. Oh well, another show this weekend in Ocala, FL. Hubby has to work so it will be just Bindi and me. We will stay in a hotel overnight on Saturday night.

I keep asking Shay to send me a new picture for my cell phone but I have not got it yet. She got her hair done on Saturday and I am anxious to see how it looks. She has been sick too. It started the weekend we arrived at Wright Patterson and then started to get better. Last night she sounded terrible. I bet she has bronchitis (again). Hopefully she will get to the doctors today to get some meds. I hate it when I am not with my baby when she is sick.

Have any of you been keeping up with Hallie over at ? A1C Shmoops is back in the field going through more SERE torture and she is worried (as any mother would be). Head on over and give her some encouragement.

Hope you all have a good day.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Thanks for the amazing comment and link. I am SOOOOOO trying to just hang in there but it's hard. We could hear from him tonight or tomorow or Friday. UGH... Tonight would be extra nice!!

I plan to elliptical machine away my stress. Wonder if eating M&M's at the same time still counts as exercise?

I don't care - I NEED CHOCOLATE!tnflxccw

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Can you imagine if people ADMITTED that they searched for HAIRY WIENERS?

I have a stat tracker (behind the scene) that tells me what people were looking for when they found my blog.

Scary, huh?


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You just made me laugh!!

If the tracker tells me WHO is searching "69 cheese" then I'm too stupid to understand it. It might but I haven't looked - what I have found is that it tells me HOW MANY times someone has searched "69 cheese!"