Monday, July 7, 2008

If Red Touches Yellow

It can kill a fellow

If Red touches black, it is friend of Jacks (the snake).

This is a picture I got off the website that lists all the snakes found in Florida. This is an Eastern Coral Snake

This is the snake that got caught in the ant trap that was in OUR garage. You be the judge!

I took these pictures on Saturday. Finally looked up snakes on Sunday. That is hubbies hand holding the trap that the snake got caught in. I told him to get more traps.

2nd Posting Today
I just wanted to share Anna's Blog. Anna is my exchange student from Sweden. She will arrive sometime in August in time to start school on the 18th. She will need about a week before because there are things to do. I sent her some pictures and she posted about her room and bathroom that she will have while she is here. She is happy to have her own bathroom. Not sure if she is happy that the room is decorated in Americana because I can't read Swedish. Drop by and give her a shout out if you have time. Tell her how wonderful I am and how lucky she is to be coming to my house. Go ahead, lie for me!!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Does hubby realize he was holding a BAD snake?

Jeesh...thank God Diablo is all orange!!

Hallie :)

Lisa J said...

Oh my gosh!!! There is no way I would have taken that picture with out a zoom lens. No doubt it was the same snake, no doubt, so I am guessing that means it was a really really bad, snake? Wait, it was a snake...enough said.

I will jump over to the your girls blog after I comment here. I think you will have a great time with her and I hope she does appreciate what you are doing for her.

Lea said...

Traps Traps and more Traps!!!

allll over!

Be careful down there, please.

Debbie said...

And I thought Karate Mama had the snake in HER hand! Whew!

Yes, more traps! I just posted at Anna's and the room is gorgeous and so friggin appropriate!! Can I be your exchange student and have that room? One of my favorite decors :)

kimmy said...

I don't know much about about snakes, but that one looks like it is bad news!

I would strategically place a trap every 2 inches all over my house!

Be careful!


Tonjia said...

OMG!!! that was a dead snake, right???

It was pretty, but those are usually the lethal ones.